Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Friday, Saturday and Sunday Jan 25

Friday was another unreal day at work. Sort of wild, but sort of just plain old fashioned weird. I had to wait and delay my training until very late. I did get a 4k walk in, though. Nice to be training that late, but it does make it harder to fall asleep right away.

Saturday was another hurry up and wait day. I did get a walk in, a 5k walk as a matter of fact, but I had to wait until everyone was in bed to make it happen.

Sunday was a double workout day ... 4.5 k in the after noon and then 5k in the evening. I jsut had to get the week off to a bang, so to speak. I can't say I'm solving a lot of world issues, but at least I'm getting myself to be able to deal with the stress going on around me.

Tues, wed and Thursday Jan 22

Man, this is a hard time of the year for me. It is down to the crunch time at work and taxes are just killing me.

In any case, Tuesday I got a nice 5k run in. Felt really good and light on my feet. Bare sidewalks helped, too.

Wednesday I had a hard time just waiting until I could go for a workout, eventually getting a 3.7k walk in. I didn't intend it, but the Nike+ profile of the walk looked like pants. Seriously.

Thursday I got the same run done, but I made a few turns and dipsy doodles and made it into a 4.1 k walk. Still, it was nice to be out so late with no one else doing anything.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Sunday and Monday Jan 19

Sunday I was still feeling the interval runs from Saturday. I got a fair amount of stretching done and then some more rolling. It was really really sore. But I still kept my streak alive on SmashRun. I think I broke 80 days in a row with the session today, which was another 2.5 k walked.

Monday ... was a zoo. An honest to god zoo. I had to get a walk/jog in so that my wife could get to her swimming. And just as she was about to leave, our eldest child revealed that she had a fever ... which required me to take her to a walk in clinic for an accurate temperature to be taken....

Seems my thermometer isn't up to snuff, as it showed a lower ... oh, who cares. I got a run in and I kept my streak alive.

A weird thing that has been happening is me sleeping in a smidgen and my wife leaving through the garage, dropping the temperature in the garage a heck of a lot. Instead of wasting time, I've been spending ten or so minutes stretching in my bedroom instead of the garage gym.

Thursday, Friday and Saturday Jan 17

Thursday was horrible. I did get a walk in later on in the day when the food poisoning I think I had worked it's way through my life.

Friday was like ...  a new day. I didn't feel great, money is tight and I had to take my kids to swimming. Instead of sitting on the benches and getting fatter. I can't say I ran a sub 3 hour marathon, but I loved a lot faster than the people in the waiting room did. I think in the end I did a 2k walk. Fabulous.

As I was feeling better on Saturday, I got my weighted vest out and planned on doing a long walk around my total neighbourhood. In the end, I started to jog. I did run the distance between two lamp posts, then walk for one, then jog for one ... I believe the people in the know call those "intervals". The weighted vest made it hard. My legs needed a stretch after. All told that was a 7k adventure.

I was bored later on Saturday evening and went for an unweighted walk for 3 more kilometers.

This is totally what my Saturday interval training looked like

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Wed Jan 14

Wow. Another weird one.
That's me on the left, all innocent and stuff.

I got home after work and felt awesome. Cooked the dinner, cleaned up, got my workout in and then got handed a piece of dessert from my 9 year old.

I'm not exactly sure what it was ... but honestly ... when a 9 year old hands you something and says "daddy, I mde this for you. I love you." .... you eat it, right?

Yeah, I ate it. Shut up, you would too.

And so ... yeah, technicolour yawns at the moment. Out of both ends.

What did I get done as a work out before the apple was handed to me? Weighted walk for 4k.

It was as I was walking in the door from that walk that I was handed the poisoned apple.

Monday and Tueday Jan 13

Monday was a light day ... I was still recovering from the weighted march I put myself on this past weekend. I got a walk in ... it had to be after 10 pm, as I had a rugby meeting I had to go to.

Tuesday I got a chacne to do a run inside on a treadmill. That, that ... that I liked. Being warm while I run is rather cool. I did a 3k run in about 20 minutes.

After the treadmill, I did this for four rounds:

20 kb snatches
10 bw squats
10 hanging knee tucks

Later on, I did a 2.5k walk in the snow and ice. Man, it's awful that I can't run outside. Meh, at least I can walk. If I do go for walks, I'm beating everyone lying on their couches complaining about how awful they feel.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Friday, Saturday and Sunday Jan 11

Friday was a nice 2.5k walk with a weight vest after a freaaaaaaaaakingly long day of being a grown up. Someday I won't have to be a grown up any more and I'll get to climb trees all day.

Saturday. I did get a chance to roll in the morning. But the rest of the day. Ugh. My significant other was away all day and I had to chase a four year old away from every dangerous object in my house. He has a talent for finding every sharp object below a certain height. I'm impressed. After a day like that, I needed something to distract myself ... so I put on a weighted vest and a 40 lb sandbag for a total of about 70 pounds of weight on my back ... and then went for 3k walk in -11 degree weather.

I laughed a lot through the pain ... at least I forgot all about my day.

Sunday I had another day of chasing the four year old. He's a challenge, but he's cute ... of course I think he's lucky he's cute. In any case, I tried to run after he went to bed. I'll write that again ... I tried to run. I did a 5k run, but my God it was painful. Legs needed a long stretch and roll after. I should have done that a lot yesterday, too. Oh. My. God.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Thursday Jan 8

It was a weird one, to be frank.

yes, I know this isn't a curl
I did get a 3k run done in 20 minutes on a treadmill. I'll say it again ... it was nice to be warm while running. I seriously liked being warm.

After the run, I got this done for four rounds before having to go be a dad:

20 kb snatches ... yellow kb used throughout.
20 kb bent rows
10 bw squats
10 two handed bicep curls

For the last exercise there,  I put an extra tshirt through the handles of the kettlebell and raised the bell to my forehead. Kinda cool, to be frank.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday Jan 7

Monday was the finals for the World Junior Hockey Championships ... and had to get something done after the second period was over... I got a quick 3 km walk in and then watched the end of the game. Soooo much better hockey than professional club hockey. Exciting and fun to watch.

Tuesday I had to get some lifting in, so I did the following for four rounds before going out:

20 kb cleans each side
10 kb snatches
15 kb rows
20 feet up push ups

It was pretty cold ... but I bundled up and got a 4k walk in with a 40 lb vest on.

Wednesday was a day that I just needed to get a walk done. I got the vest back on and thought my way through my day. I should have done a longer walk ... but I did a 4k walk.

I do need to get some more training done.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Sunday Jan 4

Yeah, I needed to get a run done. It was snowy and crappy out. I had lots of excuses to not get a run in...

but then I thought about my SmashRun streak ... how close I was to getting 100 days in a row... how I didn't want to skip a day, as then I'd have to start all over again on a badge for that website ... on Nike+ how I'd fall behind people there, too...

I thought about the Jerry Seinfield method of motivation, too:

So, I got my walk in which turned into a run ... it was so cold.  Ended up being over a 4k run.

Monday Jan 1 - Wednesday Jan 3

I'm still trying to get caught up with the days. Bear with me.

We got home Jan 1 ... and I had to clean up all the stuff we left for ourselves before going north. I took a look at the map from the last weighted vest walk I did and found a better path for my outline ... it was "almost perfect".

Jan 2 I had to get something done ... I'd spent the day chasing the little one, and was exhausted. I know I have to get him busy, get him exhausted. I do find that at bed time, he can cooperate with me, it's just of matter of getting the situation prepared for success. In any case, after getting him to bed, I got a nice walk in. I think it ended up being a boxy walk of about 1.5k.

Jan 3 I got two walks in ... the first one was done, but I listened to the wrong play list and I ended up feeling down. I got the second walk in very late but I felt a lot better after. I think all together I got almost 6k done for the day.

Sat Dec 27th to Wed Dec 31st

Man, I'm just getting behind on all of this. I'll get caught up. I swear.

Saturday I got out for a run, to no one's surprise. I did wear too much clothing and did get as much of a run in as I could. I finished off at 5k exactly. It was gross to take that stuff off at the end of the run.

Sunday was actually a double day. I got up stupid early and got a walk in before anyone was awake. During the day, I got my gym cleaned up and reorganized for 2015. It's looking good, but more importantly, I rediscovered my weighted vest. I got a second walk in later on while wearing the vest.

Monday I got a weighted vest ... sorry a completely filled weighted vest of about 40 lbs on for an early morning walk. It ended up being a 3k walk. Later on the same day, I got a 5k walk in ... still with the vest. I tried something new there.... let's see if you can see what I was trying to do.....

Tuesday we went north and I got up there rather late. This was really kind of scary and icy all over the place. Man, I had my headlamp on and I carried a flashlight to get a walk done. I did have my iPhone with me, and I did get the GPS information, too. It is kind of cool looking at the map of the run on the Nike+ website ... but it was only a 20 or so minute walk.... but that was long enough ... dark and snowy. DAAAAAAARK ... and snowy.

In any case, on Wednesday I did the same walk, well, slightly longer, the next day during a bit of a snow fall. I don't want to call it a snow storm, as it was only like 5 cm of snow. I did take some cool pics while I did the walk. Yeah, it was way too icy and snowy to run up north. I just didn't want to risk injury. Seriously, even with just walking I slipped out a few times.

Man, it was pretty and pretty chilly. I think it was one of the most fun times I've had in a while...