Monday, January 5, 2015

Monday Jan 1 - Wednesday Jan 3

I'm still trying to get caught up with the days. Bear with me.

We got home Jan 1 ... and I had to clean up all the stuff we left for ourselves before going north. I took a look at the map from the last weighted vest walk I did and found a better path for my outline ... it was "almost perfect".

Jan 2 I had to get something done ... I'd spent the day chasing the little one, and was exhausted. I know I have to get him busy, get him exhausted. I do find that at bed time, he can cooperate with me, it's just of matter of getting the situation prepared for success. In any case, after getting him to bed, I got a nice walk in. I think it ended up being a boxy walk of about 1.5k.

Jan 3 I got two walks in ... the first one was done, but I listened to the wrong play list and I ended up feeling down. I got the second walk in very late but I felt a lot better after. I think all together I got almost 6k done for the day.

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