Monday, January 12, 2015

Friday, Saturday and Sunday Jan 11

Friday was a nice 2.5k walk with a weight vest after a freaaaaaaaaakingly long day of being a grown up. Someday I won't have to be a grown up any more and I'll get to climb trees all day.

Saturday. I did get a chance to roll in the morning. But the rest of the day. Ugh. My significant other was away all day and I had to chase a four year old away from every dangerous object in my house. He has a talent for finding every sharp object below a certain height. I'm impressed. After a day like that, I needed something to distract myself ... so I put on a weighted vest and a 40 lb sandbag for a total of about 70 pounds of weight on my back ... and then went for 3k walk in -11 degree weather.

I laughed a lot through the pain ... at least I forgot all about my day.

Sunday I had another day of chasing the four year old. He's a challenge, but he's cute ... of course I think he's lucky he's cute. In any case, I tried to run after he went to bed. I'll write that again ... I tried to run. I did a 5k run, but my God it was painful. Legs needed a long stretch and roll after. I should have done that a lot yesterday, too. Oh. My. God.

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