Monday, January 5, 2015

Sat Dec 27th to Wed Dec 31st

Man, I'm just getting behind on all of this. I'll get caught up. I swear.

Saturday I got out for a run, to no one's surprise. I did wear too much clothing and did get as much of a run in as I could. I finished off at 5k exactly. It was gross to take that stuff off at the end of the run.

Sunday was actually a double day. I got up stupid early and got a walk in before anyone was awake. During the day, I got my gym cleaned up and reorganized for 2015. It's looking good, but more importantly, I rediscovered my weighted vest. I got a second walk in later on while wearing the vest.

Monday I got a weighted vest ... sorry a completely filled weighted vest of about 40 lbs on for an early morning walk. It ended up being a 3k walk. Later on the same day, I got a 5k walk in ... still with the vest. I tried something new there.... let's see if you can see what I was trying to do.....

Tuesday we went north and I got up there rather late. This was really kind of scary and icy all over the place. Man, I had my headlamp on and I carried a flashlight to get a walk done. I did have my iPhone with me, and I did get the GPS information, too. It is kind of cool looking at the map of the run on the Nike+ website ... but it was only a 20 or so minute walk.... but that was long enough ... dark and snowy. DAAAAAAARK ... and snowy.

In any case, on Wednesday I did the same walk, well, slightly longer, the next day during a bit of a snow fall. I don't want to call it a snow storm, as it was only like 5 cm of snow. I did take some cool pics while I did the walk. Yeah, it was way too icy and snowy to run up north. I just didn't want to risk injury. Seriously, even with just walking I slipped out a few times.

Man, it was pretty and pretty chilly. I think it was one of the most fun times I've had in a while...

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