Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Sunday and Monday Jan 19

Sunday I was still feeling the interval runs from Saturday. I got a fair amount of stretching done and then some more rolling. It was really really sore. But I still kept my streak alive on SmashRun. I think I broke 80 days in a row with the session today, which was another 2.5 k walked.

Monday ... was a zoo. An honest to god zoo. I had to get a walk/jog in so that my wife could get to her swimming. And just as she was about to leave, our eldest child revealed that she had a fever ... which required me to take her to a walk in clinic for an accurate temperature to be taken....

Seems my thermometer isn't up to snuff, as it showed a lower ... oh, who cares. I got a run in and I kept my streak alive.

A weird thing that has been happening is me sleeping in a smidgen and my wife leaving through the garage, dropping the temperature in the garage a heck of a lot. Instead of wasting time, I've been spending ten or so minutes stretching in my bedroom instead of the garage gym.

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