Thursday, August 20, 2015

Sunday Aug 16 to Wednesday August 19

Sunday was a recovery day ... which was just a lot of rolling and drinking water. I did a 4.2 k walk, too. I just needed to get some work done. I made it happen.

Monday, I got another 1.5 k walk done in the garage. It just needed to get done.

Tuesday ... well, the cat was out of the bag ... the first team will come no better than second in the league in 2015. As a result, attendance at training was a little light tonight. We kept it light as there is a game on Thursday for a good chunk of the guys. In any case, I got my mobility stuff done. Always mobility.

Sunday Aug 9 to Saturday Aug 15

Sunday was a recovery day ... it was pretty easy. I didn't do much, except chase after my kids, as my wife was a little under the weather.

Monday was an early 4k walk by myself. It was pretty nice to get back to that. I did need to ice knees and shin after, though.

Tuesday was a cry baby walk with my son, a lot less distance, but a lot of chasing.  It was also a rugby night and so a lot of lifting and running around.

Wednesday was a "I'll do it later" day ... except it didn't get done later. It just never got done.

Thursday was a make up day ... I did a 3k walk by myself and then got off to rugby. Selected seconds once again. Meh, it's nice to be able to help people get better at rugby.

Friday was a rest and rolling day ... I also got a physio appointment in there somewhere and made all the leg muscles feel good. Still, icing my knee and shin.

Saturday was a hot hot hot rugby day. Stupid hot. I got a half played and then got pulled. I was supposed to go in as a sub for the firsts ... but we ran out of subs. And so ... didn't happen.

Aug 3 to Saturday Aug 8

So ... yeah, playing a bit of catch up with this blog. Right, August 3 I did a nice walk on my treadmill. I used this session to try and adjust the rollers to make it right. It was a stop and go session. Then, rolling and stretching.

Tuesdays and Thursdays were rugby nights. Lots of lifting and sprinting and hitting ... playing rugby, really.

Wednesday was a training walk with my son. He's awesome at running away and coming back.

Friday was a rest and recovery day ... as Saturday was a rugby day.

I started for the second team, played a little past half and then was pulled off to sub for the firsts. The seconds lost and the firsts were so far ahead by half I didn't get in.

Yeah, disappointing.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Saturday Aug 1 and Sunday Aug 2

Saturday was not a rugby say - I wanted it to be, but I was over ruled... in any case ... it was a Saturday. So I had to get myself rolling and stretching ...

I got that done. I was hoping Saturday would be better as a result. As a matter of fact it did go better than Id hoped, finding two completely built fans for my house. Now, all I need to do is get an electrician to install them.

Sunday was a late wake up, as I had ot stay up until 2am to not watch the UFC 190 main event. I watched the other fights, which were at least interesting ... but missed all 34 seconds of the main fight. Then, I saw it on Facebook about 20 minutes later. Then I laughed and I went to bed.

In any case, I woke up late and cranky on Sunday. I did get the garage gym kind of half done, but I have to get the fans moved out of there soon, other wise I will go crazy, as I keep having to tell my son not to play with them. How often can you say the same sentence before you go insane?