Thursday, August 20, 2015

Sunday Aug 9 to Saturday Aug 15

Sunday was a recovery day ... it was pretty easy. I didn't do much, except chase after my kids, as my wife was a little under the weather.

Monday was an early 4k walk by myself. It was pretty nice to get back to that. I did need to ice knees and shin after, though.

Tuesday was a cry baby walk with my son, a lot less distance, but a lot of chasing.  It was also a rugby night and so a lot of lifting and running around.

Wednesday was a "I'll do it later" day ... except it didn't get done later. It just never got done.

Thursday was a make up day ... I did a 3k walk by myself and then got off to rugby. Selected seconds once again. Meh, it's nice to be able to help people get better at rugby.

Friday was a rest and rolling day ... I also got a physio appointment in there somewhere and made all the leg muscles feel good. Still, icing my knee and shin.

Saturday was a hot hot hot rugby day. Stupid hot. I got a half played and then got pulled. I was supposed to go in as a sub for the firsts ... but we ran out of subs. And so ... didn't happen.

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