Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Tuesday Oct 30

Well, the Hurricane/Tropical Storm Sandy kinda missed Ontario, I'm glad to report. Got tired after pounding the crap out of New York I guess and left Toronto alone.

S'all good.

I wanted to switch things up a little today and so did two rounds of this:

30 OH swings R
30 OH swings left
30 alternating cleans
30 TH swings
30 secs Mountain Climbers

30 snatch LH
30 sec figure 8’s
30 snatch RH
30 sec figure 8’s
30 TH swings

I did the first round with a 30 lb kettlebell, the second round with a 40 lb bell. Yeah ... it only took me about 30 minutes to get this workout done, but it was pretty good, man. I figure next week I'll do three rounds, the third round with the 50 lb bell. See how that goes.

In other news, I ate well - the weather really didn't interfere with my training, except that I couldn't go for a run this evening.

Breakfast was eggs and chicken breast with water then coffee to drink

Snack was water and almonds

Lunch was almonds and carrots with a lot of water

Dinner was egg and tomato sandwich with some soup. Somersby to drink.

I didn't run tonight as I had a rugby meeting anyway, so that is what I will point to as the reason as to why I missed a run. Sandy, at least for me, was a bit of a dud. I'd like to see a weather system come though this part of the world and give me at least two days off... but then again...

Maybe not.

Monday Oct 29

Pretty sure she's not working chest, but she's working something...

Right ... today. Monday. Usually people do chest on a Monday. Which I find odd.

I just do everything.

Did this for three rounds before having to run off to work:

30 KB TH swings
10 kb cleans each side
10 kb snatches
5 chin ups
20 feet up push ups
10 hanging knee tucks
30 second two handed hangs from the chin up bar.

Grip work is creating a nice pull on my forearms these days. Nice.

Ate well;

Breakfast: egg and roast beef, water to drink

Snack: coffee on the way in

Lunch almonds and carrots, lots of water

Dinner: chicken and rice, ran out of vegetables.

Things are coming together, new Macbook is awesome, dear wife was happy with her iPhone. I rock, man. I do.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Thursday Oct 25, Friday Oct 26, Sat Oct 27 and Sunday oct 28

I really should have been posting this weekend...

Well, this is rather silly of me to let happen - no posting for four days. That hasn't happened in a while. I'll have to make sure that it doesn't happen again.

In any case, I was rather sore on Thursday; I was waiting for rugby training to get something done ... and had to miss it, as I am a family guy. I was rather disappointed with myself, and I'd make it up the next day.

Friday, I did exactly that - I did my "summer routine" three times before setting off for work:

all with a 40 lb kettlebell.

20 two handed swings
10 kb cleans
10  kb snatches
5 chin ups
20 feet up push ups
10 hanging knee tucks
30 seconds hanging - for grip work.

Those hanging knee tucks came in handy the following day at my boy's gymnastics. Seems my boy's coaches like seeing me do jumping knee tucks on the spring floor. My boy likes seeing that, too.

Saturday should have been a rugby day, but was not. After running after my son for an hour (seriously, I ran after a two year old boy and the both of us came home for a nap), it was snack and nap time. After that it was off to my mother in law's seventy-fifth birthday party. At a "green" grocery store. It did have a bar, but since she's a tea-totaller, there was no drinking. Yummy food though. I liked the barley and roasted garlic soup with salad. I think my relatives thought I was "different".

After I got everyone home and in bed, I got a chance to be stupid, finally. My rugby club hosted a Hallowe'en costume party. No pics here, look on my facebook page, dudes. I went as one of the Men in Black. I even had a remote from my Apple TV as a neuralizer, man. I got home early; I left as the slutty super heroes came in the door. No, I'm not kidding.

Sunday, was again filled with screaming. My kids didn't like watching me scream, so they did it too. It was raining here, so we couldn't get out. My wife took the only vehicle with the chair for my youngest, too. Ugh, what a day. I tried to get them into the gym to climb and run around, but they both bailed on me.

So, I had to wait until late to go for a run. Meh, so'k.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Pause for a shout out - Wed Oct 24

Today I knew I was going to get a workout. I'd mentioned previously that I was checking out a training place near my work for myself.

Thanks to Brian for letting me use his logo here. He's awesome, thanks man!

No, it was not LAF, It was a place I discovered thanks to a few FB friends of mine near my work, with a really cool name of SweatShop Union. I got there slightly late - I did phone ahead letting Brian, the owner know I was running into ... stuff that my employer asked me to do.

So, I got there late. It was cool, man. Mats on the floor, TRX's and USA's on the rafters, kettlebells neatly arranged, a really good sound system (to which my iPhone was attached to mid-workout), a sled, an upstairs with really shiny and matching machines ... and lots of dumb bells, too.

I thought I was in the coolest version of my garage gym .... ever. This was the place that my garage gym would go to when it grew up and moved out of my house. I felt like I was visiting one of my daughters' house; I'd have to mind my P's and Q's but as long as I did that, I was free to do what ever I liked.

As Brian was taking care of "bidness", I got a chance to warm up. I grabbed a roller and ran it up and down my legs and back. My ITB band started to like that right away. My hamstrings fell in love. It was a knobby release of the tension that had built up over the last few days. I then was asked to use the treadmill or stationary bike upstairs ... or do what ever I usually do for a warm up.

I said "Kettlebells",  and was met with a smile. I also think there was a fist pump. Not sure.

I started with two 12 kilo bells, walking with them in the rack position; every few steps I'd over head press one or the other. I put one on the ground and continued with the one. I picked both up and did some farmers walks. My heart started pumping and I felt good. I did the same routine with a pair of 16 kilo bells, then a pair of 24's. By the end of that warm up, I was already sweating a little. The 40 kilo bells smirked in the dark corners of the floor.

"Next time, bitches." I said.

I didn't know this, but Brian, the owner, is also a yoga instructor. Yeah, so I was kind of surprised when yoga was included in this elbow to knee to toe to reaching to the rafters stretch/mobility part of the warm up. It was good - I'd never seen it before but, it made sure that every muscle was ready for the next part. After that particular section, I knew I was in for something truly interesting.

As we went along, Brian Douglas, the owner, and I chatted about my training in a very personable manner; there was no pushy sales job done as I had born witness to at another facility at which I've recently trained, for which I was really grateful.

And a cool workout to do; three rounds of:

1a)descending 10, 9, 8 then 7, 6, 5 then 4, 3, 2, 10 Standing Towel rows - I think I started with 45lbs, but it went up each round.
1B) descending 10, 9, 8 then 7, 6, 5 then 4, 3, 2, 10 feet up push ups (I love these, by the way)

2)10 incline bench press - 35 lb db's used

3)10 seated hamstring extensions ( probably not the correct name, but it was a good hamstring workout)

4)3 m plank sled pulls with 25 pound plates

5)10 sand bag cleans and squats (60 lb sand bag used)

It took me the better part of an hour to get three rounds of this done. I'm going to go and stretch quite a bit after finishing this post, because a good number of muscles are starting to squeeze and tell me that I shouldn't do that again. Stupid muscles. By the end, I felt kinda sorry as I'd left so much frigging sweat on the equipment and floor of the place. I'd also forgotten a towel, so I had to use my nice shirt to mop myself up while I drove to pick up my youngest.

What else can you ask for - knowledgeable staff, lots of equipment that I like to use, enough space to get things done and time for yourself to get yourself ready to go.

Me Gusta.

This is a rage comic. Google it, yo.

Tuesday Oct 23

Thought it was going to be a regular Tuesday, so I didn't train in the morning. Found out that rugby was cancelled for this, the last week.

I was kinda let down, to be frank. Not surprised, but let down.

Now, on to winter training.

Ate ok  skipped lunch again, I'm sorry to say

Breakfast: ham, eggs coffee on the way in

Snack: water. lots of water

Dinner: pasta with mushroom sauce made by my lovely wife. Delicious.

Went to bed too late for me to even consider myself trying to bet a restful sleep.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Monday October 22

I'm on my child's iPod Touch, so please forgive any auto correct errors.

My shift at work finally "shifted" to the afternoon today, so I got a morning and an evening workout in. I also did a great deal of reading - my eyeballs hurt.

Ate this.

Breakfast was bacon and eggs with coffee

Dinner was ham, rice and corn. Glass of red wine to drink.

Yeah, not the diet of champions today, but a step in the right direction. Banks still after me for money, everyone is stressed. I'll make the seas calm by the end of the week.

Did this in the morning for three rounds:

20 feet up push ups
10 hanging knee tucks
20 two handed swings
10 Kb cleans
10 kb snatches (used the 40 lb bell)
5 chin ups

Long after dinner, did a five kilometer run. Why? Because I should.

Quick Monday pause for Obstacle Race wrap ups

Surfing about on my social media, I got a simple request from "Code Zero Kettlebells", asking if anyone had done a Spartan Race and or the Tough Mudder. Well, if you are an avid reader of this blog (and who isn't, really ... ;)) ... you'll know that I have completed both and done write ups for both on this blog.

I completed the Spartan Race in June of 2011, and the write up of the event, is here. Now, before you race off to that link, I'll admit that it isn't a very useful post in and of itself. Not much of a review of the course. I've gotten a lot better a post writing since. In any case, I liked the Spartan Sprint. It was a 5 kilometer race (about 3 miles for my American friends) with something like ten events along the way. That year the event was held at an old limestone quarry, and so we were up and down the sides three or four times. Not a demanding event, but a fun exercise. Well run, too. I did in fact sign up and pay for the 2012 event, but was unable to make it, as I had just gotten one of my children out of the hospital and was needed at home. As you can see on the side of this blog, it is my intention to run the 2013 Spartan Sprint in Toronto.

I also completed the Tough Mudder in "Toronto" in August of 2012. It's "Toronto", as it was about a 90 minute drive north of the city at a place called Mount St Louie Moonstone. I didn't quite think my way through why it would be there until after I'd finished. I did a wrap up this event here. It was a really well run event, but I am so glad I went on the Sunday. Me and crowds just don't mix, and I see a lot of crowds in the pics on various websites of the Saturday event. I was pretty sore after playing a full game of rugby on Saturday, but I was ready to go on Sunday. I was so glad I got in the earliest run on Sunday - and that I listened to Craig Ballantyne's podcast about the events at Tough Mudder. My TM was in August, and Craig did one in April and did the podcast shortly thereafter. I found his information really helpful - and it was free on iTunes.

I'd also like to thank my wife for taking our three kids for both days this past August; she sees me working hard at my fitness, likes the results and is happy when I get my blood pressure checked and it's 120/80 ... aka "normal". I owe a lot of what I am to her.

All in all, I liked doing both events. The Spartan Sprint was what I needed in 2011; I was worried about being able to finish and when I did, I felt a nice sense of accomplishment. Finishing ahead of two or three of my Facebook friends was cooler, though. The Tough Mudder was a real test of basic fitness. Finishing in just over three hours was cool, and has made me think that I should do it again in under three hours in 2013.

All in all, I've made a few goals for myself for the next years' events. One is to be in better shape to handle hills. Second would be to work on my relative upper body strength. Three would be to expand my network of training partners and, by extension, the people with whom I do these events. Lastly, I'd like to be in "better shape", but honestly, I'm mostly already there in what I'm doing already.

To that end, I've got an email/FB message in with two guys from my rugby club to talk tomorrow after training about getting ready for the spring TM. I'm also doing a walk by a "new gym" today, looking to see if they have monkey bars I can work out on this winter. I'm also watching my diet and looking to see if there is an outdoor hill/trail I can run on this winter, instead of just the roads/sidewalks in my neighbourhood. Ultimately, I'm still sore from this morning's Kettlebell and bodyweight workout. In other words, I think I'm on track.

I'm really looking forward to this winter's training and seeing the results in the spring both at these obstacle racing events, the wrestling mat and on the rugby pitch.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Saturday and Sunday Oct 21

Saturday is a rugby day, as the song goes ... but it's more fun when you entire team shows up to play along side you. Man, we had a bunch of guys wearing the same uniform playing something resembling rugby.

Meh, it's still an awesome game to play.

Sunday I did a workout with my boy in my garage gym. He got some push ups and some somersaults done. Oh, and some chin ups.

Me, I got this done for three rounds before I had to go be a dad:

10 hanging knee tucks
30 lb db overhead presses
20 feet up push ups
15 seconds of hanging from the chin up bars.

Got that last one from Convict Conditioning 2, of which I got a copy on Saturday. That Paul Wade, what a guy.

No copyright laws were broken in this post ..... NOT!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday Oct 18

Yeah. It's Friday. Should be a relaxing kind of a day. Not really.

Yeah, I was done work early; but so many people want their pound of flesh, it's sickening.

In an attempt to give back to myself, I did a short workout this afternoon, before being gutted on the phone by three or four people:

20 one handed swings each side
10 kb cleans
10 kb snatches
20 feet up push ups
10 hanging knee tucks
5 chin ups

chin ups are getting easier each time I do them. I'd like ot start that whole "Grease the groove" thing with them, but it's kind of hard to do that with little children hanging off of you all the time. But, I enjoy that, though. So, not complaining....

Thursday Oct 18

This was a long roller coaster of a day. Lots of ups and downs. Insurance people trying to get their money, banks being extra tricky and everyone crapping on my head .... and in the middle of the day, I get my "new" Macbook from eBay.

I spent the evening trying to appease the family - get them fed, make sure they were staying out of trouble; I would run downstairs and do laundry and get the Macbooks to work together. I performed surgery on both Macbooks and got them to at least work together to get the backups for work done. I'm almost back to what I once was on this internets thingy.

At the end of the day, I went to rugby. By now, it's all indoor - and no one shows up. We're in the middle of a post season (complete with play off beards for me) and no one is training. Piss me off. The coach spent the evening on the sidelines while we played rather crappy touch rugby for an hour. Not what I wanted, but it is what I got.

Sad, really.

I will train myself tomorrow to make up for the training session last night. I will be going next week, regardless of the outcome Saturday. Down to the wire, man.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Wed Oct 17

Did this for three rounds after work:

20 two handed swings
10 kb cleans
10 kb snatches
20 feet up push ups
10 hanging knee tucks
5 chin ups
10 db curls (15lbs)

Yeah, otherwise, this was a crappy day - people whining about money and stuff. Man, I jsut want them to be happy and stop it.

I'm about to get my new Macbook - hopefully this blog will be back to it's old cheery self. The rest of the house, I'm not sure about.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Tues Oct 16

I embarrassed myself by falling alseep during a swim club meeting tonight.\

You know the first two rules, right?

In any case .... I got home and collasped on my bed at about 10pm. I had just had enough.

Ate well, at least. Except for the free pizza at lunch.

No workout - I had to be a dad and drive people around. Need to fix that if that happens again.

I know tomorrow I will be able to train after work; this is the last week on this shift. I then switch to another shift which will allow me to train in the mornings. I can't wait, man.

Monday Oct 15

Whoa. Still in "recovery" mode. Feeling like crap ... and the hits just keep on coming.

I tried to get things going; to no avail. I got a dinner on the table and everyone ate, but they just weren't too happy about it.

People still looking for money; people still asking for it too. Kids and car accidents are expensive.

I eventually just needed some time to myself. I went for a run.

Nice to clear my head; hard to get to sleep after, though.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Friday, Saturday and Sunday Oct 14

Oh. My. God.

I was really kind of hoping for an unexciting set of days. Not so.

Friday was a disaster - my beloved Macbook has gone to that Apple Store in the sky, I'm afraid. I would be freaking suicidal had I not backed everything up on Tuesday. Of course the people I work around were incredibly patient while I tried everything I could just get things going. .... Not.

In any case, I got through the day. I got home feeling like death and went to bed after having a nice night puking my guts out into the toliet. Not a fun night at all.

Of course, Saturday is a rugby day. I actually got bashed in the head a few times by someone's knee or fist, I'm not sure. Pulled myself out while we were winning by 15 points. We ended up winning by 6. Yeah, I was sorely hacking up on the sidelines and shatting at the same time. I went home right after the game and fell asleep at 6pm. I didn't even finish the burger my dear wife made. I also missed a buddy's 40th birthday party, man. Which sucked, as he's a good guy, man.


Sunday I woke up feeling better, but still sweating all over. I had my youngest to myself for the day, as the others had sporting events and parties to attend. We went for nice long walks together, lots of playing and lots of stuff/stretching in the garage gym. We also hacked up a lot of phlyem.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Another pause for some history. Feb 13, 1998

Yes, I made a promise ... a PINKY SWEAR promise ... and I have to make good on it. Otherwise, I'm an idiot. I will tell you that much of what I am about to write I have already written about in my 2008 Nanowrimo novel "Flint: a last year on the mats".

I'd love to be able to get that novel right now, but my Macbook is having issues right now. I'm sorry to report I think it's dead. In any case ... without further ado ... I give you .... Feb 13, 1998.

You might ask how I can recall the date, years later with very little effort. That is the affect of the impact this day has had on my memory and who I am. When I met young people today who tell me they are hungry or tired, I laugh, since they know nothing of either. That day was a culmination of several months worth of work and a terrible mistake which was made up for with a lot of work.

As some of my readers know, I wrestled for the University of New Brunswick from 1997 to 99. In my middle year there, I was in my mid to late 20's. I weighed about 185 pounds (about 84 kilos) As there were tournaments most weekends in October, November and January and February, I had to keep a strict eye on my weight. The year before I had been about the same weight but was needed in the 198 lb catagory and so ...was on easy street. 1998, however, was another story.

When I came back from Christmas Break, I was met with some quiet discussion between the coach and another dude on the team. We'll call him Mongoose for the purposes of this post. Why? Shut up, that's why. Mongoose was not my favourite person on the planet and had, in fact, some really irritating habits. You'll see shortly.

Fact of the matter was that he didn't want to cut to 158lbs/72 kilos as he was "worried about his heart" - he'd had heart surgery as a child, still bore the scar. Since that time, he has gone on to fight as 155 pound MMA fighter. But in 1998 he was 174 lbs. So ... being in better shape, I got the request from my coach. Being a bit of a dick myself, I actually made him explicitly ask me to cut to 158. That was the first week of January, 1998. Weigh ins were in  six weeks.

In the next few weeks, I got my routine down. Runs in the morning, shower, breakfast, walk to the University, classes, short stretching or nap time, study in the library, walk home, snack, walk back for wrestling session, walk home, dinner, homework, running session and then bed. I did that for January, cranking up the runs and intensity every few days.

My diet was not very creative and full of boredom, let me tell you. I did manage to get from 184 to 162 in that time, though. Feb 12, 1998, I left the last wrestling session weighing 162 or 161. Very little left to do except wait and not doing anything stupid.

I did something stupid, of course.

I got home and with a huge amount of hubris or stupidity or justification ideology... I had a bagel or two. With cream cheese. And maybe some extra Doritos I found. In any case ... I went back to check my weight at 9am and was 168. That was not a typo.

Weigh ins were at 6pm and I had until then to be 158. So, like Vin Diesel said in the film "Knockaround Guys", "I got started".

I went and got my stuff together. An orange (which I ate in front my coach, which to this day he doesn't let me forget) two lycra wrestling singlets, several t-shirts, turtle neck shirt, two pairs of track pants (one inner and one an outer "shell"), hooded sweatshirt, an outer "shell" jacket, two pairs of socks, gloves, touque, running shoes and my sauna suit.

The order that it went on was this: t-shirt, one singlet, one pair of socks, sauna suit, second singlet (why I will explain in a minute), second pair of socks, t-shirt, turtle necked shirt, long track pants, hooded sweat shirt, lower "shell", upper "shell", toque, the hoodie up, running shoes (double knotted) and then gloves. everything inside was tucked in. The only uncovered space was my face, from eyebrown to chin.

The first singlet acts to prevent chafing between the legs. I didn't know that runners put some special anti-chafing stuff between their legs. Sauna suits always rip in the crotch, regardless of which gender is using them, because they don't use the second singlet. There needs to be some upwards tension on the crotch of the suit to prevent this from tearing. Even a men's bathing suit with a mesh liner will do in a pinch, but I've found that the singlet does the trick. Of course nowadays you can use the UnderArmor shorts, too.

So after gearing up, what then? I'd love to tell you that there was some trick, but it was just a lot of exercise. I went for about a half hour run outside first, just to get myself warmed up. I spent the rest of the afternoon inside. I had access to a stationary bike, thick crash mats and a full wrestling mat. I got my heart rate up, got a good sweat going, then kept warm in between the crash pads. Twenty minutes of body weight exercises, then twenty minutes of sweating. 20 on, 20 off, 20 on, 20 off. It wasn't until about 2pm that I finally checked what I had lost; I was down to 160, just below what I had been the night before.

Which I was doing this, I learned a few things. For example, I learned that the stationary bike I was on had a name. It was "Youradickhead". I learned that I was partally to blame for this and so was Mongoose. Mostly me, though. I thought about the three wrestlers in the States that had died doing exactly the same thing I was doing that fall. The NCAA actually changed their rules as a direct result of the deaths of those young men. I thought about the girl I was dating and that she probably was "the One". I learned that eating the night before a weigh in is a painful lesson, too. I learned that I should accept punishment for my actions, which I did. I also learned that I wasn't going to do this again.

I then hit the sauna in the same outfit the US wrestlers had had on themselves. Which, give or take one or two items, is the exact stuff I listed above. I was in for 20, out for 5. For about three or four rounds. I stripped off a layer and a dude I'd never seen before asked me if he should call 911. I looked like and felt like living death. I probably got pretty close. Years later I laughed as people were shocked at UFC fighters doing exactly this on the UFC TV show.

I kept that exercise routine up for a few more hours, until about 5:30pm. I took a break, had a shower and checked my weight. I decided that, rather than sit there and wait for the referees to get themselves going, I was going to hit the weight room and get on Youradickhead one more time. Team Captain came in and admired how "Hardcore I was", which to me, struck me as funny at that moment, as I was put there by a fit of eating last night.

At 6pm, the referees started the weigh ins, and I had to be poked as a call to go weigh in. I'm normally a lot heavier, so I just tune out and wait, but this time I was one of the first guys weighing in. I made it -157.3, to be exact- but it was a horrible lesson to learn.

The next day I felt really really sore. It took me something like nine hours to cut the weight, and totalled about nine minutes to beat all of the other guys in my weight class. I was just too pissed off at myself to make a mistake that day.

Since I'd won the gold at the regional qualifiers. I'd have to weigh in two weeks later at the same weight. Mongoose came second at the weight class he particpated in (cough cough my real weight class cough cough 184lbs cough cough) to a guy I'd already beaten earlier that year. After weigh ins at Nationals, Mongoose says, with a straight face while pointing at another member of the team not in the van, "Be nice to that guy, he had to cut a lot of weight." I was glad when I'd heard that Mongoose decided not to return to UNB in the fall.

Just as an aside, the pic in the banner of this blog is me at 158lbs.

Finally, I'd like to point out that cutting weight is dumb, but I won MVP for my team that year. ;)

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Thursday Oct 11

Woke up late, again. I did fix that already for tomorrow.

Felt sore this morning, but after work, felt awesome. Naturally I made the effort to get into the gym, even though it was a rugby night. I figured it would be a light night, seeing as though we have a game in two days. I was mistaken and I felt really crappy all through the evening training session.

I did this after work for three rounds before having to get my children

30 two handed swings
10 kb cleans
10kb snatches (various weightsm started with 30, used the 40 and 50 lb kbs, too)
20 feet up push ups
10 hanging knee tucks
5 chin ups

Of course, that was not a bad workout. Getting into a rut with this one, but it just comes naturally, and I get it done in about 25-30 minutes, which is about what I get before I got to get a move on.

Ate this

Breakfast timmy hortons coffee and a bagel on the way in

Snack water

Lunch turkey and tomot sandwich, vegetables water, water and more water.

Dinner pizza and pasta. Water.

After dinner, we got to the indoor dome my rugby club gets access to and we did a lot of "Sandboxing" - small area rugby, lots of close tackling, rucks and mauls. This lead to a bigger and then bigger area until we had the entire soccer field to play on. For an hour. I'm pretty sore right now. Lots of sprinting, rucking and open field hits (which I need to work on anyways). Not a single set piece drilled, but we're a pretty solid pack. Should be good game Saturday.

Wed oct 10

It finally got back to normal. I got  a decent workout after work, before I went to pick up my kids.

Un friggin real

Did this for three rounds

20two handed kb swings
10 kb cleans each side
10 kb snatches
20 feet up push ups
10 hanging knee tucks
10 bw squats
5 chin ups (they are coming along)

I put on a pair of pants I hadn't worn in a while. Didn't feel too good on me. Need to take controlback of my diet. Here is what I ate

Breakfast coffee, bagel with cheese and bacon, coffee on the way in

Lunch was turkey and tomato on bread. Vegetables, too. Lots of water

Dinner was roast beef on pasta. Yeah, i didn't prepare that. Water to drink.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Tuesday Oct 9

One of my kid's tenth birthday ... I feel so blessed, man. Srsly. I honestly think I've got kids that are several times better than I deserve.

Of course, I took them out to dinner yesterday. Tuesday is a rugby night ... and I don't want to miss that. We were supposed to run around outside (I'm in Burlington, Ontario ...sunset these days is about 6:45pm). I'm glad to report we also have a gym and a turfed dome at our rugby club. Indoor, warm turf with the little black pellets that get over everything all the time ... it's still better than training in the dark and the cold.

Did about an hour of running and rucking. A nice change of pace form last week. My body - including my ear- is fully recovered form the season. Ready to tackle and scrummage on Saturday. Last home game of the season!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Thursday, Friday Saturday, Sundaay and Monday Oct 8

What a blur, man.

Thursday was a rugby night. A lame one. I had to get there late and it was over by the time I got there.

Friday was an off day.

Saturday was visiting relatives.  So was Sunday.

Monday was a freaking awesome day - got my gym set up for the winter and everything will be ok. Pics posted later.

Everything will be ok, man. A new mantra.

Need things to work properly in my life and they aint at the moment.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Tuesday Oct 2 Wed Oct 3

A surprise workout for me today - rugby is "on" - but not really. So, I got the following done for four rounds:

30 two handed swings
10 kb cleans
10 kb snatches
20 feet up push ups
10 hanging knee tucks
5 chin ups
10 squats (broke in my new squat rack ... woot!) 130 lbs (I need to work on this, I know)

Still, it felt pretty good to be back in my gym for the winter. I guess I could have been outside, but I thought I'd see what it was that I needed in there. This upcoming weekend being an extra long one, I thought I'd get some solutions to problems I'm seeming to have.

Wednesday was a wash - too many phone calls for the van and insurance and all the other fall out form the accident (still) left me no time. I did eat well today, though. Lots of water at least.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Monday October 1

...and the random nature of my existence continues. At least today I got a chance to take a nice long walk (low intensity for over 30 minutes) walk with my middle child. Basically, we were stalling together before picking up my youngest.

We explored a new park basically finished near our house. Two lighted soccer fields and a run around area for dogs, with a water park and a climbing area, too.

Kinda cool to share that with my middle child.  Nice walk, too.

But that was all the positives for the day - the rest of it is just going insane, thanks to money, time and people. I just can't get them all to behave, man.