Sunday, October 14, 2012

Friday, Saturday and Sunday Oct 14

Oh. My. God.

I was really kind of hoping for an unexciting set of days. Not so.

Friday was a disaster - my beloved Macbook has gone to that Apple Store in the sky, I'm afraid. I would be freaking suicidal had I not backed everything up on Tuesday. Of course the people I work around were incredibly patient while I tried everything I could just get things going. .... Not.

In any case, I got through the day. I got home feeling like death and went to bed after having a nice night puking my guts out into the toliet. Not a fun night at all.

Of course, Saturday is a rugby day. I actually got bashed in the head a few times by someone's knee or fist, I'm not sure. Pulled myself out while we were winning by 15 points. We ended up winning by 6. Yeah, I was sorely hacking up on the sidelines and shatting at the same time. I went home right after the game and fell asleep at 6pm. I didn't even finish the burger my dear wife made. I also missed a buddy's 40th birthday party, man. Which sucked, as he's a good guy, man.


Sunday I woke up feeling better, but still sweating all over. I had my youngest to myself for the day, as the others had sporting events and parties to attend. We went for nice long walks together, lots of playing and lots of stuff/stretching in the garage gym. We also hacked up a lot of phlyem.

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