Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Tuesday Oct 9

One of my kid's tenth birthday ... I feel so blessed, man. Srsly. I honestly think I've got kids that are several times better than I deserve.

Of course, I took them out to dinner yesterday. Tuesday is a rugby night ... and I don't want to miss that. We were supposed to run around outside (I'm in Burlington, Ontario ...sunset these days is about 6:45pm). I'm glad to report we also have a gym and a turfed dome at our rugby club. Indoor, warm turf with the little black pellets that get over everything all the time ... it's still better than training in the dark and the cold.

Did about an hour of running and rucking. A nice change of pace form last week. My body - including my ear- is fully recovered form the season. Ready to tackle and scrummage on Saturday. Last home game of the season!

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