Sunday, October 28, 2012

Thursday Oct 25, Friday Oct 26, Sat Oct 27 and Sunday oct 28

I really should have been posting this weekend...

Well, this is rather silly of me to let happen - no posting for four days. That hasn't happened in a while. I'll have to make sure that it doesn't happen again.

In any case, I was rather sore on Thursday; I was waiting for rugby training to get something done ... and had to miss it, as I am a family guy. I was rather disappointed with myself, and I'd make it up the next day.

Friday, I did exactly that - I did my "summer routine" three times before setting off for work:

all with a 40 lb kettlebell.

20 two handed swings
10 kb cleans
10  kb snatches
5 chin ups
20 feet up push ups
10 hanging knee tucks
30 seconds hanging - for grip work.

Those hanging knee tucks came in handy the following day at my boy's gymnastics. Seems my boy's coaches like seeing me do jumping knee tucks on the spring floor. My boy likes seeing that, too.

Saturday should have been a rugby day, but was not. After running after my son for an hour (seriously, I ran after a two year old boy and the both of us came home for a nap), it was snack and nap time. After that it was off to my mother in law's seventy-fifth birthday party. At a "green" grocery store. It did have a bar, but since she's a tea-totaller, there was no drinking. Yummy food though. I liked the barley and roasted garlic soup with salad. I think my relatives thought I was "different".

After I got everyone home and in bed, I got a chance to be stupid, finally. My rugby club hosted a Hallowe'en costume party. No pics here, look on my facebook page, dudes. I went as one of the Men in Black. I even had a remote from my Apple TV as a neuralizer, man. I got home early; I left as the slutty super heroes came in the door. No, I'm not kidding.

Sunday, was again filled with screaming. My kids didn't like watching me scream, so they did it too. It was raining here, so we couldn't get out. My wife took the only vehicle with the chair for my youngest, too. Ugh, what a day. I tried to get them into the gym to climb and run around, but they both bailed on me.

So, I had to wait until late to go for a run. Meh, so'k.

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