Friday, October 19, 2012

Thursday Oct 18

This was a long roller coaster of a day. Lots of ups and downs. Insurance people trying to get their money, banks being extra tricky and everyone crapping on my head .... and in the middle of the day, I get my "new" Macbook from eBay.

I spent the evening trying to appease the family - get them fed, make sure they were staying out of trouble; I would run downstairs and do laundry and get the Macbooks to work together. I performed surgery on both Macbooks and got them to at least work together to get the backups for work done. I'm almost back to what I once was on this internets thingy.

At the end of the day, I went to rugby. By now, it's all indoor - and no one shows up. We're in the middle of a post season (complete with play off beards for me) and no one is training. Piss me off. The coach spent the evening on the sidelines while we played rather crappy touch rugby for an hour. Not what I wanted, but it is what I got.

Sad, really.

I will train myself tomorrow to make up for the training session last night. I will be going next week, regardless of the outcome Saturday. Down to the wire, man.

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