Thursday, October 4, 2012

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A surprise workout for me today - rugby is "on" - but not really. So, I got the following done for four rounds:

30 two handed swings
10 kb cleans
10 kb snatches
20 feet up push ups
10 hanging knee tucks
5 chin ups
10 squats (broke in my new squat rack ... woot!) 130 lbs (I need to work on this, I know)

Still, it felt pretty good to be back in my gym for the winter. I guess I could have been outside, but I thought I'd see what it was that I needed in there. This upcoming weekend being an extra long one, I thought I'd get some solutions to problems I'm seeming to have.

Wednesday was a wash - too many phone calls for the van and insurance and all the other fall out form the accident (still) left me no time. I did eat well today, though. Lots of water at least.

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