Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Tuesday Oct 30

Well, the Hurricane/Tropical Storm Sandy kinda missed Ontario, I'm glad to report. Got tired after pounding the crap out of New York I guess and left Toronto alone.

S'all good.

I wanted to switch things up a little today and so did two rounds of this:

30 OH swings R
30 OH swings left
30 alternating cleans
30 TH swings
30 secs Mountain Climbers

30 snatch LH
30 sec figure 8’s
30 snatch RH
30 sec figure 8’s
30 TH swings

I did the first round with a 30 lb kettlebell, the second round with a 40 lb bell. Yeah ... it only took me about 30 minutes to get this workout done, but it was pretty good, man. I figure next week I'll do three rounds, the third round with the 50 lb bell. See how that goes.

In other news, I ate well - the weather really didn't interfere with my training, except that I couldn't go for a run this evening.

Breakfast was eggs and chicken breast with water then coffee to drink

Snack was water and almonds

Lunch was almonds and carrots with a lot of water

Dinner was egg and tomato sandwich with some soup. Somersby to drink.

I didn't run tonight as I had a rugby meeting anyway, so that is what I will point to as the reason as to why I missed a run. Sandy, at least for me, was a bit of a dud. I'd like to see a weather system come though this part of the world and give me at least two days off... but then again...

Maybe not.

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