Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Sunday and Monday and Tuesday Sept 30

Sunday was a recovery day. I rolled and made sure that I got my Advil and epsom salt baths done ...other wise I wasn't moving the next day.

Monday I was still sore, but I still got up and got things done. I got a rolling session in at night, too

Tuesday I got up and rolled. I wanted to do something bigger, but had to go and be a dad.

Friday and Saturday Sept 27

Friday was a rest day - still getting up early and rolling. It was hard today, too. I just wanted to stay in bed. Meh, I got up and got it done.

Saturday was a rugby day ... We won, but made it harder for ourselves. Everyone was happy, except for my legs.

Yes, I rolled and stretched after the game. Yes, I rolled later on at home. I still woke up sore.

Wed and Thursday Sept 25

Wednesday I got my rolling and stretching done in the early AM. It's just a pattern I'd like to continue. I do want to start running or walking in the morning, but for right now, I need to get the rugby season injuries dealt with.

Thursday was a training night. We also got a game at home this weekend, with lots of guys away. Meh, it's a friendly and it should be a good game.

After the session, I got my sprints and line out throws done.

5x 22m for three rounds
about 25 line out throws done

I'm hooking on Saturday, after all.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Monday and Tuesday Sept 23

I'm keeping my early morning rolling going - it's really helping my legs. I did start to use a medicine ball to get my shoulders and back. I'm going to see what I can do for my own neck this week.

Monday and Tuesday I was in a seminar for work. I had to sit most of the day in a chilly room with no windows, talking and listening about some pretty dark stuff. I was glad Tuesday came and I got to go to rugby

Rugby was a brief session, thanks to the shortening days we have. I did get this done in the dark:

22m sprints x 5 for three rounds.

I didn't have the time to work on my line out throws, as the coach wanted a talk/board session in the clubhouse. I got some fitness done and was happier than most rugby players in the area.

Saturday and Sunday September 21

Saturday was a game for a silly trophy. I was complimented on my scrummaging and my attempts to get around the field to ruck. However, with a 40 kph wind ... which we didn't use well enough when we had it ... we lost by a try.

Meh, we still have rugby coming t the end of October.

I was rather sore after the game and had a rolling session when I got home. I watched a few youtube videos about using a roller or a ball for upper body muscles and got to try them. They are helping.

Sunday was ... recovery. I'm so sore. A lot of the time. I also got the weight classes for March. I think I'd like to hit 187lbs this spring. I'm pretty sure I can do that ... if I work my way down to 210 or lower naturally and then the last two weeks, choke myself down to the horrible spot and cut some weight the day of the weigh ins.

Wed Thurs and Friday Sept 19

Wed was a recovery day. 30 minutes of rolling and stretching in the early morning to get my legs to feel like legs again.

As a part of my job, I now have to take a group to a small gymnasium on Wednesdays. I got to teach a bit of rugby passing skills and then work on them. Kinda cool.

Thursday was a rugby night. In the morning, got to do the rolling and stretching, too. It is making my life a heck of a lot easier to start with a session like that.

After training, I did my sprints: Three rounds of 22m x 6 sprints.

Yeah, no one was on the field with me when I was done. I got my ice bath done, too.

Friday was a recovery and preparation day. I got to roll and stretch in the early morning and then eat intelligently all day.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Sunday, Monday and Tuesday Sept 16

Sunday was a rest day. I did some rolling and stretching, but was rather sore from the game. Lots pf physio needed, but just no time to get it done.

Monday was a rest day, too. During the week, I am getting up early- about 6am - and just spend about twenty minutes on the roller every day. It's really really helpful in keeping myself on the field and training. I have to admit, though.... I'm not doing much lifting as of late. I am trying to think up a good reason why ... it is the rugby post season and I'm worried about an injury during my own training and not being able to play.

It's lame, I know... but at least I'm rolling every week day.

Tuesday was a training night. I got the 25 m sprints x 6 for three rounds done. In between each round, got 30 seated knee tucks done.

After the sprints, got the 50 line out throws done. It was dark while I was getting these done, but I kept a high percentage of successful attempts. After that it was a little bit of rolling ... I used a rugby ball, which wasn't as effective ... then got my 20 minutes of ice bath time done, too.

Thursday, Friday and Saturday Sept 13

Thursday I got up stupid early and got my rolling and stretching done ahead of anything else in the day. After dinner was, of course, a rugby training session.

After the session did this for three rounds

25m sprint x6

After that, threw about 50 line out attempts using the goal posts for targets. Ice bath for 20 minutes total after that. It was really cold, too. Lots of ice and freezing water.

Friday was another early morning rolling and stretching session, then a rest day. Kinda sore, but a good sore.

Saturday was a rugby day. I thought I played well - certainly I lasted the entire game. I started at loose head prop and with about twenty minutes left in the game, was moved over to hooker. I did ok at hooker, stealing one scrum I think.

We won the game, but we made it a lot tougher than it should have been with poor tackling on my part. I didn't as many rucks, but we did a lot ...I mean A LOT of scrummaging. I'm guessing one of the reasons I didn't hit a lot of rucks was because people kept dropping the ball ....

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Tuesday Sept 9

Early morning rolling is helping. It really is.

After work was a training session, basically of stretches and foundational movements. I asked her to take it easy, as I had rugby training that evening.

At rugby, it was some ball handling and a lot of sprinting. The sprints are something my coach calls "lung work" ... well, it certainly is.

After training, I did some work on my lineout throws, throwing about 50-75 throws as I moved about the uprights at the end of the pitch.

After that was some more rolling and then the ice bath before going home.

Not a bad day, just long.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Sept 2 - 8

Yeah, this has been a rather awkward week.

Tuesday was a training night, but only a few showed up. We played touch, I did 5 x 5 22m sprints before working on my lineout throws and then an ice bath.

Wednesday was a recovery day. I got up early and rolled my legs in the gym.

Thursday was another early rolling day in the gym, followed by a rugby sprinting night. Several sprints of various lengths. Longest was an 200m sprint. That was long. After, I just worked on my lineout throws then an ice bath.

Friday was a rest day. Nothing was on, so I rested and stretched and rolled my legs. Oh, I did therapy, too. Interesting place to go.

Saturday was a rugby day. Had fun on the patio at the Brampton RFC, while they played Sarnia. Brampton won. Lots of discussion of the league they play in, too. Bike ride with my daughter when I got home.

Sunday was a recovery day. I wasn't too sore, and got my new tv into place in the garage. Worked wonderfully ... I'm hoping to get a treadmill in front of it some time this winter ... or at least row in front of it. Should be epic.

Monday was more early morning rolling in the living room with help from my youngest. It just works, man.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

August 31, Sept 1

Yeah, was busy getting stressed about the return to school. It's going to be a challenging year to say the least.

In any case, there was a fair amount of rolling and stretching done. I missed trash day, so my garage gym was more than a little stinky, but thats ok. It happens.

I did spend a lot of time in and around the rugby club, as the air was fresher and the memories sweeter.