Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Sunday, Monday and Tuesday Sept 16

Sunday was a rest day. I did some rolling and stretching, but was rather sore from the game. Lots pf physio needed, but just no time to get it done.

Monday was a rest day, too. During the week, I am getting up early- about 6am - and just spend about twenty minutes on the roller every day. It's really really helpful in keeping myself on the field and training. I have to admit, though.... I'm not doing much lifting as of late. I am trying to think up a good reason why ... it is the rugby post season and I'm worried about an injury during my own training and not being able to play.

It's lame, I know... but at least I'm rolling every week day.

Tuesday was a training night. I got the 25 m sprints x 6 for three rounds done. In between each round, got 30 seated knee tucks done.

After the sprints, got the 50 line out throws done. It was dark while I was getting these done, but I kept a high percentage of successful attempts. After that it was a little bit of rolling ... I used a rugby ball, which wasn't as effective ... then got my 20 minutes of ice bath time done, too.

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