Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday Oct 26

I tried really hard for these days to get up just a smidge earlier than I have been. I've been thinking that the early morning is getting to be the choice of training time by default. I just have no other time of the day to work on my own stuff.

The only issue, of course, is the fact that stupid me needs to know all about Mean Obama Tweets at 11:30 pm. I kid you not, I caught myself watching Obama recite tweets about himself at a stupidly late hour this week.



I did get a very quick rolling session in both Monday and Tuesday. I also did get a long walk done on Monday as well as a walk with my wife both days, too.

Wednesday I finally got back to mobility sessions with an awesome dude at EPC. Seriously it's been like a month and my everything was healed but needed to work on them.

After that, my wife texted me to take her to the pool for a nice long half hour walk. We got that done and then a nice sit in the hot tub to recover. Not a bad session, if I do say so myself.

Saturday and Sunday Oct 23

Saturday ... which should have been taking it easy time ... well, I had to go and do some work. And not the fun kind.

Ah well, I did get a lot of steps in when I got home and saw the place. I also got some of my own work done. Finally, I did get a walk done on Saturday night. A 1.5 km walk.

Sunday was the take it easy day. I did also get a stretching session in, along with a walk in.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Friday Oct 21

Frankly, I'd rather be playing rugby these days, but life is just not letting me.

It was an early stretch, followed up with an hour-long walk in the pool later on. I had a nice sit in the hot tub, too. Even got to shave. I did actually check weight, too. 255

Which, considering I had to get into the emergency department for this thing on my neck late Thursday, was quite a thing.

Ah, man.

I'd also like to say that I wanted to watch the Jays be playing in the World Series. Ah, man.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday Oct 20

All three days started with stretching for about ten minutes in the morning. I'd like to say that even though it's only ten minutes, I'm trying to think of times during the day that I can get more done. Early in the morning might look like it's the time for me moving forward.

 In any case, Tuesday I got home from a walk with my wife and did another 2.5 kilometres as a run / walk.

 Wednesday was unreal. I got home from work about 9 pm, but at least got a short walk in with my wife.

 Thursday was another gong show, but at least I got a kilometre walk in.

Pic from here

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Monday Oct 17

Starting these weeks off properly is always key. I got a stretching and rolling session done in the early morning, then got off to work.

in the evening, I got a nice walk in with my wife. At the end of it, I sat and was stretching in my garage when I realised I felt awesome and needed to do something. So, I went for a walk/jog by myself.

Nothing fancy, but a nice session. Started with walking, then jogged for about 20 minutes, after a nice walk.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday Oct 16

Friday was date night. I'm enjoying these days. A nice chance to get out of the house with my wife and get some swimming done. We usually walk for about 30 minutes in the pool, then sit and watch the Jays game from the hot tub.

Seriously, how awesome is THAT?

Saturday I had to garden and take my youngest out for the afternoon. I chased and ran and lifted him for about 5 hours. I was just exhausted by Saturday night.

Sunday was not bad. I got a chance to sit, get a haircut and get some work done for myself.

All good.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday Oct 13

I'm coming down with something. Ugh.

In any case, I continued to miss training sessions this week, both my own and those of the rugby club. I just need to commit to my own fitness and health.

The stomach is getting a smidgen worse, by the way. Not fun.

At least I kept up my rolling and stretching in the morning. I'm also walking in the evenings, too. I might not be losing that much weight at the moment, but at least I'm not putting any back on.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Saturday and Sunday and Monday Oct 10

Both days, lots of cleaning and gardening to be done.

Saturday was the outside of the house, mowing and getting the outside of my house ready for winter. Seriously ... when I grow up and get my own place, I'm going to let someone else do this. Decent exercise, but aggravating when trying to get that done and looking after an opera singer like my 5-year-old.

Ah well, I got a nice meal out of my parents on Sunday and a nice meal out of my inlaws on Monday.

I did get a swim in on Saturday - but it was marred by kids screaming ... kids that we not my own, mind you. Ah well, life does go on.

Sunday and Monday I got a stretch in before getting an evening walk in. I have to keep that going, even though there was a chill in the air on Monday night.

On Sunday ... I did discover how to put audiobooks on the hard drive of my new vehicle. Oh my ... so now I don't have to have the novels on my iPhone at all. WOOOOOO!

Wed, Thursday and Friday

Wednesday should have been a training night at EPC, but I had to cancel and do another walk and rolling session.

It's not that I wanted to cancel, but I had to be a dad. At least I got to see how good my kids can swim, compared to other kids their ages.


At least I got home and got a walk in with my wife.

Thursday, same thing. No training, but a focus on eating better and keeping up a simple routine.

Friday was a break. A training session before the holiday weekend in Canada. Meh, I had a real interesting pot of coffee and lots of water. It actually did not help my stomach feel better, but at least the rest of my body appreciated the hydration.

Thursday and Friday I also got into the hot tub at Cedar Springs. That was totally cool.

Sunday, Monday and Tuesday Oct 4th

Yeah, not much going on other than morning stretching and rolling sessions. It was too rainy on Sunday to train outside, so I got a swim in with my family.

Monday, same thing. Stretch and rolling the morning, walk in the evening.

Tuesday .... was a photocopy. Stretch/ Roll and a walk.

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Saturday October 1 ... and a pause for a shout out Zee Float

I haven't done a shout out for a while, nor have I gone for a float in a while. Since I got to a milestone number on my scale, so I had a chance to reward myself ... but not with food. After all, I'm not a dog, so I don't reward myself with food. Besides, I'm still on the journey to a goal weight and lots of fatty fast food would kind of get in the way.

So, I rewarded myself with a floating session at Zee Float on York St in Hamiton. I booked online and paid by credit card; that could not have been easier. Seriously.
My car would say "The door is ajar"

I book for 9pm on a Saturday night, mainly because I knew everyone in my house would be asleep or pretty close. It was a long week; heck, it was a long day and I knew this was going to relax the stress out of me.

I got there about 8:45 ... typically me. There was no one else in the place that I could see, except for Zach, He was a pretty cool dude, gave me the tour and let me go in a smidgen early. The room was ready to go - showers and a clean towel. Everything right in the same room that I could lock. Pretty standard stuff, but it really showed attention to detail. The shower was in the corner with the floor feeling like a fine grain sandpaper underfoot, excellent for not slipping.

I grabbed the pair of ear protectors and got in a closed the door behind me. When I opened my eyes I could see a trace of light around the door, but it disappeared in a few minutes. It was as dark as it needed to be - couldn't see my hand in front of my face. So quiet, so dark. Peaceful.

The last time I floated, I wrote about all this freaky stuff that I thought I saw. Well, I'm in a much darker headspace these days, so that really didn't happen in there this time. I did have about 50 conversations with my current issues and problems while in there. Gracefully I came to think of a few solutions. I did also stretch out and go through some range of motion stuff, especially with my hips, ankles, and shoulders.

Eventually, the voices in my head silenced themselves one by one and there I was, all alone in the dark. I'm pretty sure I fell asleep at that point, but it was what my body needed.

As Jean Vanier said, "Care for the body and the spirit arises". Well, then when I was done, I knelt and pushed the door open and heard the cool little musical number playing. I stood up and stepped onto the sandpaper-like floor and smiled. My hamstrings, shoulders, and ankles were pain free. My quads, which had twitched a little in the water, felt like goo when I got into the shower. The shampoo smelled like oranges and was there to help my skin recover from the salty goodness.

On my life, I've never even thought of drinking anything called kabushka before tonight. It was on offer after the float in a cool little post-float room, and it was tasty. It helped the drive home be a little more pleasant.

All in all, I'll say with confidence that I'll be going back for another floating experience at Zee Float. I can't say I figured out all the issues I'm ever going to have tonight, but my legs feel better and I gained some clarity on some issues. And if I can gain clarity doing anything, whatever that is, keep doing it.

Friday Sept 30

I was back at it again ... but without the "White Vans" ... damn, man... ;)

I got into the high school weight room and did this four four rounds and then had to clean up:

20 H2H kb
20 kb cleans
20 KB double clean and presses
20 kb snatch
20 BW squats

The first round was done with a set of 25's, the second set with the 30's and the last two sets I used the 40lbers. Not a deadly workout, clearly not as deadly as the last time I was in the same gym, but at least I was sweaty by the end.

Friday night was the usual walking in a pool, then into the hot tub while watching the Blue Jays play. I'm telling you, I get a bit of exercise, my legs get to chill and I get some mental health benefits, too.

In the end, though, I wasn't as strict as I need to be on my diet this week. Ah well, I will try again tomorrow.