Saturday, October 1, 2016

Saturday October 1 ... and a pause for a shout out Zee Float

I haven't done a shout out for a while, nor have I gone for a float in a while. Since I got to a milestone number on my scale, so I had a chance to reward myself ... but not with food. After all, I'm not a dog, so I don't reward myself with food. Besides, I'm still on the journey to a goal weight and lots of fatty fast food would kind of get in the way.

So, I rewarded myself with a floating session at Zee Float on York St in Hamiton. I booked online and paid by credit card; that could not have been easier. Seriously.
My car would say "The door is ajar"

I book for 9pm on a Saturday night, mainly because I knew everyone in my house would be asleep or pretty close. It was a long week; heck, it was a long day and I knew this was going to relax the stress out of me.

I got there about 8:45 ... typically me. There was no one else in the place that I could see, except for Zach, He was a pretty cool dude, gave me the tour and let me go in a smidgen early. The room was ready to go - showers and a clean towel. Everything right in the same room that I could lock. Pretty standard stuff, but it really showed attention to detail. The shower was in the corner with the floor feeling like a fine grain sandpaper underfoot, excellent for not slipping.

I grabbed the pair of ear protectors and got in a closed the door behind me. When I opened my eyes I could see a trace of light around the door, but it disappeared in a few minutes. It was as dark as it needed to be - couldn't see my hand in front of my face. So quiet, so dark. Peaceful.

The last time I floated, I wrote about all this freaky stuff that I thought I saw. Well, I'm in a much darker headspace these days, so that really didn't happen in there this time. I did have about 50 conversations with my current issues and problems while in there. Gracefully I came to think of a few solutions. I did also stretch out and go through some range of motion stuff, especially with my hips, ankles, and shoulders.

Eventually, the voices in my head silenced themselves one by one and there I was, all alone in the dark. I'm pretty sure I fell asleep at that point, but it was what my body needed.

As Jean Vanier said, "Care for the body and the spirit arises". Well, then when I was done, I knelt and pushed the door open and heard the cool little musical number playing. I stood up and stepped onto the sandpaper-like floor and smiled. My hamstrings, shoulders, and ankles were pain free. My quads, which had twitched a little in the water, felt like goo when I got into the shower. The shampoo smelled like oranges and was there to help my skin recover from the salty goodness.

On my life, I've never even thought of drinking anything called kabushka before tonight. It was on offer after the float in a cool little post-float room, and it was tasty. It helped the drive home be a little more pleasant.

All in all, I'll say with confidence that I'll be going back for another floating experience at Zee Float. I can't say I figured out all the issues I'm ever going to have tonight, but my legs feel better and I gained some clarity on some issues. And if I can gain clarity doing anything, whatever that is, keep doing it.

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