Saturday, October 1, 2016

Friday Sept 30

I was back at it again ... but without the "White Vans" ... damn, man... ;)

I got into the high school weight room and did this four four rounds and then had to clean up:

20 H2H kb
20 kb cleans
20 KB double clean and presses
20 kb snatch
20 BW squats

The first round was done with a set of 25's, the second set with the 30's and the last two sets I used the 40lbers. Not a deadly workout, clearly not as deadly as the last time I was in the same gym, but at least I was sweaty by the end.

Friday night was the usual walking in a pool, then into the hot tub while watching the Blue Jays play. I'm telling you, I get a bit of exercise, my legs get to chill and I get some mental health benefits, too.

In the end, though, I wasn't as strict as I need to be on my diet this week. Ah well, I will try again tomorrow.

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