Friday, September 30, 2016

Wednesday and Thursday Sept 28 and 29

Wednesday was a throwback day.

I lost the opportunity this week to get a cool session in at an outside gym. Meh, the problems with being a married father. I was needed at home. By 8pm, though, I was able to sneak into my garage and get this session done five times:

A TBW pic from years ago ... 

10 deadlifts
15 Push ups
20 Kb Swings
20 lunges
20 weighted step ups
20 triceps extensions

It's a workout I did years ago. Years ago. Still a nice quiet session.

After I got that done, I got a 20-minute walk in, too. A little chilly out, but worth the effort.

Thursday was a rest day. I did get a walk in, though. Simple pleasures for sore legs.

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