Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Monday and Tuesday Sept 27

Monday was basically a "rest"day. I did get the usual morning stretching and rolling in. I'm really liking that recovery type work. I keep catching my ankle on stuff. Not twisting it, but rolling in on something, missing a step on a set of stairs or having something land on it. Weird, unlucky stuff.

At least my knees, hips, and feet have stopped waking me up in the night.

Tuesday was another photocopy of a day. Stretching and rolling in the morning. I had help in the form of my son jumping on me both days. I had a nice protein shake followed by a coffee or two for breakfast. They seem to be doing the trick. Lunch has been a constant thing: I'm avoiding going anywhere near the cafeteria. I bring celery, carrots and tuna for lunch. I eat that quietly and alone, getting work done in my office. After I feel full, I'll go run errands and I'll be able to resist the lure of the cafeteria.

So, stretching and rolling in the morning, on my feet most of the day, then tonight was a quick kettlebell session:

20 H2H KB
20 kb cleans
20 KB clean and presses
20 kb snatches
20 step ups with 20 lb dumb bells
20 bicep curls

I used the 12 and 16 kilo bell, and then also reached into my bag of tricks and pulled out the 20 kilo bell and the 50 lb Kb, too.

I do need to get pushups back into this plain Jane session. And BW squats, too. I do plan on a bit of a shifting inside my garage gym in the next few days in order to help me get some deadlifts into a session, too.

In any case, after my kettlebell session, I got a nice walk in with my wife. I'm enjoying those walks, even though I'm usually just listening to my wife share her day. After we finished, I went for a nice steam room experience and a shave. I did check my weight at the club and at home on my Bluetooth enabled device. 261

It's time to book my float at Zee Float!

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