Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Monday and Tuesday Sept 13

Monday is my awesome day. I did manage to start the week off right with a rolling session in my garage gym before work.

The training session I had later on in the day was just what I needed:

I had time for a decent warm up,  then deadlifts, ropes, kettlebell circuits and  some other lifts. I should have had my heart rate monitor on, but I didn't. Ah well. Later on, I got a walk in with my wife.

I also got in a hot tub session with some steam room time, too. That really did help soreness and the like.

Tuesday I got the rolling and stretching done in the early morning with an evening walk with my wife. My ankle was bugging me a bit.

Still planning on a longer run or at least a walk this week in order to start to take it back to the next level with my fitness.

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