Sunday, September 4, 2016

Thursday, Friday and Saturday Sept 3

Thursday was a rugby day. Last game of the regular season and I was selected to play first team rugby. Not a big deal as most of the other props are either away or injured. Regardless, I played another season of up and down with the first team and second team at prop.

Really, I'm not too happy with this season, but at least I got out there and stayed playing this summer. I really do need to prepare for the rugby season from now onwards. I didn't think about what shape I was in this past spring. I wasn't ready to play come May and I certainly paid the price.

My body is really sore. Ankles and knees are just not happy at all. My stomach is not liking it when I eat crap and act stupid. I need to fix a number of issues with my head space and my legs.

I had intended to transfer clubs and keep playing until Halloween this year. But, I'm just going to forget that noise and focus on that which needs solving around me this fall. Work and daycare and fitness and health are all on the list of items which need my attention.

I did an icing day on Friday and Saturday. Also got stretching, both on land and in water, done too.

Stretching in the water let me focus on that which is truly hurting. I'm pretty sure I can continue to stretch and roll muscles but it is the joints that need to heal these days.

Saturday I got signed up for the same club that I joined for the summer - which means I have access to a pretty good gym for the winter. No kettlebells, regretfully, but I can manage. At least I can get into a hot tub until 10:30pm most days. Which may mean nothing to my readers, but at least I can melt my mental health back with hot water rather than cold beer.


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