Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Sunday, Monday and Tuesday September 6

Sunday and Monday were stretching in the morning, then water stretch in the afternoon days. I'm walking with my wife in the evenings, too.

I mean, I'm trying to help my body recover from the rugby season. I'm good with just trying to get through these days without complicating things.

Tuesday I went to a new job. I had a lot of coffee during the day and didn't eat very much. I got home and ate like an idiot.

After I got the youngest down for his sleep, I got this done for six rounds:

1:50 hitting a heavy bag
1:50 dumb bell swings (used either a 25 or a 35 lb)

I should have gone a bit longer, but I chose to cut it short so that I could go for a walk with my wife before it got too dark. I got comfortable after that and had a decent quiet evening.

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