Thursday, September 1, 2016

Sunday and Monday Aug 29

Sunday was a rest day - ice on the ankle and stretching on a mat and in a pool.

Monday I got a good cardio session done - a 40-minute session of bodyweight and kettlebells.

Man I like my Polar HR monitor
It was a decent warm up and I liked the kettlebells. My ankle liked the fact that I didn't have to move or twist at all. It's amazing what you can do for cardio of your injured.

The highlight for me was the kettlebell ladder I did - 12 two handed swings, 11 push ups, 12 kb swings then 10 push ups .... 12 swings, 1 push up .... glory!

Later on did a stretching session in the hot tub, too. Perhaps not the best for the ankle, but everything else really thought that was a great idea.

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