Thursday, September 1, 2016

Tuesday and Wednesday August 31

Tuesday I had to use my time more wisely. I got a nice sweet 30-minute session in on the heavy bag:

Eight rounds of punching and kettlebells. I tried to stay away from too many twists on my ankle, and for the most part was pretty solid. I tweaked it a little in the pool later, though.

Ice all around, man.

It was after this workout I checked my weight - 271.4. I'm still a fat pig, and a steady daily screaming at my reflection in the mirror usually helps me stay away from carbs. Also, my stomach hurts less when I don't eat crappy food all day.

Wednesday was a day I tried to put out as many fires as I could. Daycare isn't helping ... that is trying to find day care, even emergency day care in the last few minutes before school starts next week is a drag.

I took it off and got to bed early. No naps as I was too stressed to close my eyes.

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