Saturday, September 17, 2016

Wed, Thurs and Friday Sept 16

Wednesday was a rest day - I did get a fix on my nutrition and got to roll and stretch in the early morning before work.

I also got a walk in later on after all the things were done during the day.  After the walk, went for a hot tub/ steam room session to try to get my ankles, hips, and knees to stop aching.

Thursday I got to stretch and roll, then to work. Ate strictly to the diet and then right from picking up my son from school, took him for a swim. It was a pretty good day ... until I got to my Physiotherapy session and then it was awesome. I went for a walk with my wife, too.

Friday was determined to be a date night. I did get a rolling and stretching session in before work and continued to eat well while at work. After work, it was a busy time for family and then, after the youngest was asleep it was off for a walk. After the walk, I got to take my wife out on a date.

We spent the better part of an hour in a hot tub at the club. I'm telling you the legs felt incredible after that session. Hot water just seems to melt away adhesions and sore spots. It was ... awesome.

Best. Date. Ever.

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