Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Saturday and Sunday Sept 25

Saturday was a rugby day. Well, at least it was for a few of the guys at my club. Some played Rugby Union at home, some played Rugby League down at Lamport Stadium. Some even played both Saturday and Sunday, as the Old Boys at my club played an All Comers game.

Me? I took Saturday and got a massage. Later on, took my son for a swim and did some extra recovery. There was just no time for me to get a set of something done for myself other than that massage.

Sunday ... was a return to Wrestling. Seems a rugby/wrestling buddy has got himself an MMA fight in November. I'm pretty sure I won't travel to see it, but I can at least help him train for it. So, I got a chance to be a part of the training session in a local park. I di a bit of boxing, learning how to react to a thrown jab.

There was a fair amount of drilling of that one skill. But I kept screwing it up anyways. Ah, man. We took a break and then did a shark tank with the guy with the fight in the middle. Two minutes of boxing, two minutes of MMA, two minutes of wrestling then two minutes of boxing.

Still, it was good to wrestle again.

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