Thursday, May 31, 2012

May 31

I can't say when, but at some point in time, I will start to get nervous about the Tough Mudder and the Spartan Race.  Unit then, I'm just going to keep training a lot. Every day.

Stuff like this, man. Training for the Tough Mudder is required, and I think I'll be up for it.

Today, however, I spent it doing three rounds of this in my gym:

8-10 90 lb squats on my new squat rack

10 bicep curls with 15 lb dbs.

Yeah, that was after I lifted a crap load of weights around and arranged to get back my bench back on the ground after three or four months of it upside down on a shelf.

At rugby, did a rather excellent thing, too. There is a fitness test someone started a while ago that seems to have continued with the current staff. What you do is start on the goal line, then run to the 22m line, then back. Then to the half and back. then to the far 22 line and back, followed by a run to the far try line and back. Three times.

Last year, the best I could do was 7 minutes, fifteen seconds.

I finished it tonight in 6:44.

That was not a typo.

After the session was over, I got out to do my sprints, too:

 7 x 50m sprints
20 seated knee tucks
 20 feet up push ups
 20 m bear crawl

After I was done, I went upstairs to the bar that my club runs just off the side of the pitch and ended up not really realizing that some of my fellow rugby players had already heard what I had done. Even the coach made the comment that He was glad that I did so well, as it "took the piss out of some of them." I'm not sure specifically what that means, but I'm assured it is a good thing.

Wed May 30

This will be a quick post, as I'm on the boss' dime at the moment.

Ran 5k in under 27 minutes today. Used a lot of calories. I'm assuming I'm getting these faster because of the sprints I'm doing twice a week. And rugby.

Ate well, until after work:

Breakfast: eggs, roast beef and water. Coffee on the way in.

 Lunch: Tuna, almonds and carrots. Water to drink. Lots of water to drink.

Dinner: nachos and a pint at Boston Pizza. A nice way to say thanks from my union. Small bowl of pasta when I got home.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Tuesday May 29

Man, what a day. Simply awesome. A little warm, but the sweat cleaned me way better than any shower ever could.

Got home from dropping my kids off and cleaned the house and got the lawn watered. I top seeded the damn thing over the weekend, and need to keep it watered before the birds come and eat everything that might help.

 I got this rather quick workout done in the park across the street from my house. Wonderful to be sweating in the warm sunshine again:

quick KB warm up

10 KB snatches (30 lb bell used throughout)
10 kb cleans
20 BW squats

 Like I said, quick. I also did my usual post rugby training session, too. I'm kept the sprints, modified the rest. Three rounds of
7 x 50m sprints
20 seated knee tucks
20 feet up push ups
20 m bear crawl.

I felt a lot stronger after this one - sweaty, yet not exhausted.

Ate well, too:
Breakfast: eggs and roast beef, water to drink, coffee on the way to work

Lunch: tuna, almonds and carrots, more water to drink.

Dinner: pasta and roast beef wraps. It sounds gross but it was good. Water to drink.

After training, I kept with the Advil and OJ and water. Nothing else. See the results:

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Monday May 28

I just realized that it is less than a month to the Spartan Race. I'm pretty sure I'm ready for that; it's the Tough Mudder I'm actually beginning to think about.

In any case, this was a good day. Morning workout was pretty hard, doing this four rounds

10 Log deadlifts
10 30 lb rows
20 feet up push ups
20 KB swings (20 kilo bell used)
10 bicep curls
10 high ball slams with a 6lb ball
15 hanging knee tucks

I ate well, too:

breakfast: eggs and roast beef, water to drink, coffee on the way to work

Lunch: tuna, almonds and carrots

Dinner rice with stir fry vegetables over top. Ice cream cone for dessert - took the family out into the air conditioned car and went for a short drive to the local Dairy Queen.Got a chance to talk with my kids and my wife and arrange for her workout later.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Friday, Saturday and Sunday May 27

Friday I was exhausted and needed time away - I ended up stretching in the evening, taking it easy for Saturday.

Saturday was a three hour drive one way to Windsor, Ontario to play in about 25 degree heat. That's fairly warm, man. It rained before 1pm then cleared up so the field was decent. I played the full game, helping to maul three tries. I did struggle a little in the scrums, but a little help from my teammates and everything was cherry after that.

We won 33-17.

On the way to Windsor, saw these really nice cars just blow by me. Lots -I mean LOTS of cops on the highway, and not one of them was watching for me, lots of the fancy cars pulled over though.

Sunday was a day of recouperation; lots of stretching and a light workout in my garage. Nothing I'd even calla workout, just moving, really.

Ate like crap Friday and after the game on Saturday. Sunday I started the week again; back to the grind on Monday.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Thursday May 24

Today was a good day. Lots to do, lots to do.

I just had to get out into the bright sunshine to workout, so I went ot the local ball diamond and brought a few friends with me:

Did this four five rounds:
30 Two handed swings
20 KB cleans
20 KB snatches
20 BW squats
20 feet up push ups
10 roll outs

 I was pretty sweaty by the end and I really enjoyed getting out of my garage and into the sun. Got a coffee on my way home after the workout. Awesome morning.

After work, got to rugby training and we did our team run around. Seems I was right, but only in the fact that I am the oldest. I tried to shut the hell up and get my work done.

After training, I did this four three rounds:
7 x 50m sprints
20 seated knee tucks
20 push ups 9 feet down, one foot up etc)
15 m crab crawl.

Ate this: Breakfast: roast beef and eggs, water then coffee to drink

 Lunch: Tuna and carrots and almonds

Dinner: rice and vegetables. Nothing after training to eat. Lots of stuff to drink, but nothing to eat.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Wed May 23

Another good day, in the books. I did the 4.something k run in the morning; which freed me up to train in the evening.

I'm sorry to say that I didn't get a chance to train in the evening, though. I had to get a pair of "real" rugby boots, as I was selected to play firsts v Windsor this weekend. Now, don't get all excited, man. I think I was the third choice for the spot. I'm the one they went to after the other choices flopped out on them.

I needed better footwear to ensure I at least looked the part. I also got some new kit. Should be exciting stuff Thursday at training.

I also got a chance to read the "Better Aerobic Training" article on Callum's blog. That's a bit above my pay grade, to be frank. I'm on week three of the cycle I'm enjoying the results I'm seeing in my fitness. Seems the coaches are, too. I do need to work on the more technical aspect of rugby - especially the restarts, but I think I shouldn't cause the team to lose on Saturday. In fact, I now think of this as an opportunity to demonstrate my training to my club. That, and I should be active in my endeavours to keep that spot for Club Day June 2 at home.

In ant case, I ate this:

Breakfast: poor planning lead me to Tim Hortons for a Belt and a coffee

Lunch: tuna, almonds and carrots. Water to drink.

Dinner: vegetable and tuna wraps, water to drink. Those were good, man.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Tuesday May 22

Right back to the grind.

Breakfast was a BELT and a Tim Horton's coffee. I think I recall that this was not a good idea for me to cut some weight off of my body. I think I'll have to go back to eating my favourite healthy breakfast.

Lunch: a small slice of pizza and a tuna sandwich. Water to drink

Snack: almonds and some water

Dinner: poor planning, again. Pizza night. Water to drink.

After training: more pizza. Really, a shame. Shameful.

Did this four four rounds in the morning:

10 log dead lifts
10 TRX body rows
20 feet up push ups
20 KB two handed swings (20 kilo bell used)
10 wall ball slams
10 hanging knee tucks

I didn't feel as messed up after this workout. I guess it is time to do something else with it.

After rugby training, I did this for three rounds:

7 x 50m sprints
20 feet up push ups
15 seated knee tucks
10m crab crawls

 I dunno, this looks like a lot of exercise. I need to just give it time to work on my body. I will see results, I just need to keep this work level up, man. I did see this link to another training blog after rugby tonight. Seems this person is training to get ready for her Agastu Level II.

After a season or two getting ready for bikini competitions, she's trying something different. Sounds familiar.

Friday, Saturday Sunday and Monday

This was a holiday weekend for us Canadians. Which means nothing for me as a person interested in their health, but a lot in terms of a dad living in really time compressed times.

My kids went away on Thursday night, and I went to rugby. Friday was the usual complaints from my butt from the sprints at the end of training, but I went on a 6k run, just to spite my rear end.

Saturday was a driving day - I did get a really nice walk or two in with my family, though. And I went for a very brief swim. Diet, of course was brital.

Sunday was another great day in the north. Lots of stars to see in the night. Took some time to write, too.

Monday was a drive back to reality day. I did get a 4k run in, too.

Tuesday was back at work.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Thursday May 17

Today was a rather better day - if only because I get to work out twice on days like today.

I like that log. my butt doesn't
I did this for five rounds in the morning:

10 log dead lifts.
10 TRX body rows
20 feet up push ups
20 two handed KB swings (20 kilo bell used)
10 ball wall slams
10 hanging knee tucks
10 dumb bell curls (10 pounds used)

Why so light on the curls? Well, biceps are hurting. I just wanted to get them a little pump and motion.

In any case, after rugby training I did this for three rounds:

7 sprints 50 m (About 10 seconds out, 35 back to start)
20 feet up push ups
15 seated knee tucks
10-15 m of crab crawl.

I like that last bit, even if it makes me look a bit silly.

Ate ok, too:

breakfast: peppers, water and roast beef. And scrambled eggs. Coffee on the way to work

Lunch: tuna, almonds and carrots. Water to drink

Dinner: pizza and pasta salad. Lots of onion and tomato, man. I had clear sinuses for rugby that night...

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Wed May 16

Today was ... just one of "those" days.

I did get a run in, early. Just over 4k in just over 23 minutes. Yeah, lots of traffic and really really idiotic people.  What kind of driver speeds up when she sees a runner?

Meh, my fault for attempting to exercise in public.

Anyway, After work, I got myself signed up for the Tough Mudder. I let Clint know, too. That'll be epic, man.

Ate this:

Breakfast: steak and eggs with peppers. Water to drink, then coffee

Lunch: I skipped, I was too freaking busy to eat.

Dinner: Pizza and potato chips. Yeah, kinda fell down on that one. Dunno what happened there, but I will attribute it to poor planning on my part. Meh, you love, you learn. Just don't make it a habit.

I normally don't post cat pictures, but when I do, they support my thesis

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Tuesday May 15

ok, back to normal. Or what passes for normal around here.

Ate well:

Breakfast roast beef and eggs with some yellow peppers. Water then coffee to drink.

Lunch tuna and vegetables.

Dinner: big bowl of pasta with another can of tuna mixed in. Water to drink.

I did this for five rounds  in the morning:

20 KB swings 20 kilo bell used
10 log dead lifts
10 TRX rows
10 hanging knee tucks
20 feet up push ups
10 wall balls with the 6lb ball

after that, got off to work and then got to rugby, almost on time. After rugby, did this three rounds:

6-7 50m sprints over 10 seconds, returned to start over 35 seconds

then did 10 seated knee tucks
20 feet up push ups
10 m crab walk - still working on getting faster. Will try and get that video up on here at some  point in time.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Thursday to Monday May 14

These days are now a blur to me. I know there was a lot of stressful crap that paraded it's way through my life. I tried ot get it done before I left work on Friday, but it just didn't happen. So, as opposed to having a stress free weekend, I had crap hanging over me.

I got to rugby training on Thursday and did the sprinting workout afterwards.

I got no workout in on Friday, as I was just overcome with crap.

Saturday I played rugby and got a wicked "Zinger" just after half. Blue won. Woot.

Sunday I felt like crap and started to feel worse by the end of it. Stretching didn't really help. Too much crap.

And that is never fun.

Then I got sick enough to call in sick on Monday. Again, had to get crap done over teh interwebs. Which is always crap.

At least tomorrow, I get to go back to training before work. I've made it back to where I'm living.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Wed May 9

Had a good day, but long.

Are this:

Breakfast belt and coffe from tim hitting, awesome but too much fat.

Lunch small slice of pizza - forgot my lunch at home

Dinner big bowl of pasta

Quick 5 k run after a Skype conversation and planning.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Tuesday May 8

Today was a step ahead.

I ate ok - BELT and two coffees from Tim Hortons.

Lunch: was bagel with egg and some sort of thing that identified itself as meat.

Dinner was a large bowl of pasta with some vegetables tossed in.

I went tor rugby practice and was quite sore after a 90 minute run around. Lots of the technical side of the sport I need to work on. Fitness, I rock it.

After everyone walked off the field I did this workout as a finisher, thanks to Callum Mahoney for his advice:

I did this workout for three rounds:

7 times 50 m sprint in 10 seconds, returning to start in 35 sec

at the end of the sprints, did:

20 feet up push ups
20 sitting knee tucks
10 m crab walk

I actually got made fun of as I was doing this workout. Seriously, I wonder why people would come to training ... if not to train. Curious.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Monday may 8

Man, finally.

Ate poorly today

Breakfast was a belt and coffee

Snack was more coffee

Luch was a bagel
With egg and something else in the middle, might have been cheese.

Dinner was a nice slab of lasagna with a fresh salad. Water to drink throughout the day.

I did get a run in tonight, the boy seems to be sleeping, too. Life is good

Sunday may 7

So it was off to church early today, after which i took my family for a walk by he beach in Burlington. Awesome, man. Sun and sand and beach. With coffee.

Later i worked on getting everything in the proper place in my farage and did some easy lifting, then another walk with my son in the stroller.

My wife rook him ro the hospital later on, with the croup being the diagnoisis.

Ate poorly again:

Brwakdast coffee

Brunch tomato and bacon sandwiches

Dinner chicken and french fries from the Chalet, what a mistake.

Missed my run, thanks to the boy being sick

Sat may 6

My boy complained and played all day. I had no rugby game and so i worked on my gym today, buying a squat eack for 20 bucks.

Did a stretching and kb workout early in the afternoon, hoping to tire the boy out, to no avail. Nothing too constructed, just lots of push ups, chin ups and bw squats with rounds of kb work, too

Ate breakfast was a coffee

Snack was Bagel

Dinner was bacon wrapped sirloin steak at boston pizza. Good, but not worth it

Fri may 5

Ugh. Fridays.

I got a 5 k run in tonight. Ate poorly, though

Breakfast was a belt and coffee at timhortons

Lunch was moar coffee and tuna with carrots and almonds

Snack was coffee

Dinner was pizza with hot sauce.

I felt so much better after the run, man

Thurs may 3

Finally a rugby training session i fot to semi on time. I missed the warm up, but got all of the drills. 90 minutes of runninghittingpassing bliss.


After, i did four rounds of;
20 kb cleans
20 kb snatches
20 feet rope pulls
20 feet crab walk
20 feet up push ups

Ate well roday

Breakfast was a belt and a coffee from timmy hortons

Lunch was almonds, carrots and tuna with water to drink

Dinner was a quick pasta meal before training

After training i ate too much junk- orange juice, roast beef and sundry nutritionaly questionable items.

Wed May 2

Basically a good day. Diet was good but missed a run, thanks ro me being brainless.

Breakfast was a smoothie with a coffee thereafter

Lunch was my usual of tuna and almonds with carrots

Dinner was a stir fry of vegetables over rice

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Tuesday May 1

Oh. Thank. God. I have really started to hate April as a month, to be frank. This particular April was really, really stressful. Too much stuff to get done and my physical health suffered quite a bit. For example I weighed in for Nationals at 207 point something. I wasn't at all that skinny, either. I knew then, like I know now, that I could be under 200 if I wanted to be. However, after a month of stress like April has been, I checked weight yesterday and I was 218. Now, when I weighed in, I was doing a bit of a cut, so I was probably 210 walking around. Still, that is eight pounds I gained in a month; how stressful is that have to be on my body? It hurts, by the way. In any case, I am glad to report I finally got to a training session for rugby. My hands were not very good and I had some difficulty making decisions. My fitness was pretty good, though. After the training session, I did this three rounds: 20 two handed KB swings 10 KB snatches 10 ab roll outs I ate this for the day: Breakfast: smoothie; coffee after Lunch ... the usual. Green pepper, tuna, almonds with water. Snack: almonds and coffee Dinner: rice with stir fry cauliflower, broccoli and carrots. Water to drink. After training snack: almonds. My stomach was actually growling, man.

Monday April 30

It was a Monday. It went as well as it could. I ate ok: Breakfast: smoothie of frozen mixed berries and milk. Coffee after. Lunch was the usual of tuna, carrots and almonds. Water to drink. Dinner was roast beef with potatoes and broccoli. Water to drink. After dinner, I got a quick run in so that my wife could go swimming. It was a nice enough run, nice to get back out there on the roads.