Monday, May 28, 2012

Friday, Saturday and Sunday May 27

Friday I was exhausted and needed time away - I ended up stretching in the evening, taking it easy for Saturday.

Saturday was a three hour drive one way to Windsor, Ontario to play in about 25 degree heat. That's fairly warm, man. It rained before 1pm then cleared up so the field was decent. I played the full game, helping to maul three tries. I did struggle a little in the scrums, but a little help from my teammates and everything was cherry after that.

We won 33-17.

On the way to Windsor, saw these really nice cars just blow by me. Lots -I mean LOTS of cops on the highway, and not one of them was watching for me, lots of the fancy cars pulled over though.

Sunday was a day of recouperation; lots of stretching and a light workout in my garage. Nothing I'd even calla workout, just moving, really.

Ate like crap Friday and after the game on Saturday. Sunday I started the week again; back to the grind on Monday.

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