Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Friday, Saturday Sunday and Monday

This was a holiday weekend for us Canadians. Which means nothing for me as a person interested in their health, but a lot in terms of a dad living in really time compressed times.

My kids went away on Thursday night, and I went to rugby. Friday was the usual complaints from my butt from the sprints at the end of training, but I went on a 6k run, just to spite my rear end.

Saturday was a driving day - I did get a really nice walk or two in with my family, though. And I went for a very brief swim. Diet, of course was brital.

Sunday was another great day in the north. Lots of stars to see in the night. Took some time to write, too.

Monday was a drive back to reality day. I did get a 4k run in, too.

Tuesday was back at work.

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