Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Tuesday May 8

Today was a step ahead.

I ate ok - BELT and two coffees from Tim Hortons.

Lunch: was bagel with egg and some sort of thing that identified itself as meat.

Dinner was a large bowl of pasta with some vegetables tossed in.

I went tor rugby practice and was quite sore after a 90 minute run around. Lots of the technical side of the sport I need to work on. Fitness, I rock it.

After everyone walked off the field I did this workout as a finisher, thanks to Callum Mahoney for his advice:

I did this workout for three rounds:

7 times 50 m sprint in 10 seconds, returning to start in 35 sec

at the end of the sprints, did:

20 feet up push ups
20 sitting knee tucks
10 m crab walk

I actually got made fun of as I was doing this workout. Seriously, I wonder why people would come to training ... if not to train. Curious.

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