Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Tuesday May 1

Oh. Thank. God. I have really started to hate April as a month, to be frank. This particular April was really, really stressful. Too much stuff to get done and my physical health suffered quite a bit. For example I weighed in for Nationals at 207 point something. I wasn't at all that skinny, either. I knew then, like I know now, that I could be under 200 if I wanted to be. However, after a month of stress like April has been, I checked weight yesterday and I was 218. Now, when I weighed in, I was doing a bit of a cut, so I was probably 210 walking around. Still, that is eight pounds I gained in a month; how stressful is that have to be on my body? It hurts, by the way. In any case, I am glad to report I finally got to a training session for rugby. My hands were not very good and I had some difficulty making decisions. My fitness was pretty good, though. After the training session, I did this three rounds: 20 two handed KB swings 10 KB snatches 10 ab roll outs I ate this for the day: Breakfast: smoothie; coffee after Lunch ... the usual. Green pepper, tuna, almonds with water. Snack: almonds and coffee Dinner: rice with stir fry cauliflower, broccoli and carrots. Water to drink. After training snack: almonds. My stomach was actually growling, man.

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