Monday, October 31, 2011

Thursday, Friday and Saturday and Sunday Oct 27 to 30

Well, sorry about that. Life just keeps getting in the way.

Ah well, here we go:

Thursday was an off day; off, as in I didn't train in the morning as I knew I was going to rugby training at night. The evening training session was the last one for the year and it went quite well. A lot ... I mean A LOT of stretching afterwards. I've been selected to start in the finals on Saturday.

Friday was a stretching and prep day. I did get into the gym today - but did nothing but stretch, with a focus on rolling my legs and neck.

Saturday is a rugby day:

They were a bitter team - there was a lot of niggling stuff around the rucks and mauls - lots of bitter crap from both sides. The final play had one of our players (not me) run from about 15 feet away and punch on of their players just below the eye. In the after game handshake, there was a nice big mouse showing up. Lots of that crap the whole game. I can honestly say I thought I did my regular job - set piece - and got around the pitch rather well. I felt pretty sure that I beat my man. The confirmation of that was when I got moved to hooker, the guy coming in told me that the guy I'd just finished pummelling was "toast". That is to say, I left nothing for my teammate to do but finish wiping the floor with my man.

After the game, however, I managed to leave my cleats, my nice shirt and a Canada hoodie in the change room. Yeah, I was in a rush to get home for my wife's birthday.

Sunday ... well Sunday I kept my head low and got things done. In the end I did do a 4 kilometer run. It was nice and slow, just to try and get the kinks out and to say that Wrestling season has started. On to 210!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wed Oct 26

Felt a lot better after getting a full night sleep and then some.

Did this for four rounds this morning:

20 BW squats
10 pec flies with 40 lb dbs
5 chin ups
20 sitting knee tucks
20 KB snatches (40 lb bell used)
wall assisted hand stands - 30 sec holds

Ate this:

Breakfast: meat on a bun, coffee to drink

Snack: coffee

Lunch: tuna on salad, prunes and walnuts. Water to drink.

Dinner pasta and a small slab of meat from yesterday. Water to drink.

Then I went to night school. What an adventure that was... on with Thursday!

Tuesday Oct 25

OK, was up with my child three times last night. Felt like a zombie for the rest of the, just some stretching and gentle yoga this morning for workout.

For the rest of the day, though, I was just walking around like I was after brains...

I ate this:

Breakfast - tuna on crackers, OJ to drink. Coffee on the way in.

Lunch - tuna on salad, prunes and walnuts. Water to drink

Snack coffee

Dinner: BBQed meat with veggies, salad. Water to drink.

All in all, not a bad day for a diet, but just exhausted.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Monday Oct 25

Still sore from Saturday's game. rather an odd feeling, too. Unpleasant at the best of times. I did some further set up of my garage this morning and did this for three rounds before having to get myself ready for work:

10 BW squats
8-10 bicep curls
10 triceps extensions (40 lb barbell used)
20 seated knee tucks

I ate this:

Breakfast was poached eggs and roast beef with coffee to drink

Snack: water

Lunch: tuna on salad, walnuts and prunes. Water to drink

Dinner - well, I had more eggs and roast beef. Meh, w/e. OJ to drink this time.

After my evening class, I am used to getting home and cracking open a beer. I didn't do that this time. I didn't HAVE an beer in the house to drink. So, I got on the internet and did some reading about creating a digital learning environment. Kinda cool, actually.

Still waiting to hear if I get into a class/learning experience with my employer. Might be a cool way to challenge myself this winter. Oh, and Nanowrimo is coming up, too.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Sat and Sunday

Saturday is ... a rugby day. Started at loose head prop and stayed there all game. Scrummaging was weird on that side...

a pic of a team mate, the lousy pitch and the weather. Seriously, that was a crappy pitch to play on... lots of seagulls overhead, so literally crappy. And people on my team kept peeing on the pitch, which I found rather odd.

Played the full game and got a few touches of the ball and stole it in open play, too. Made a few nice tackles around the rucks and a really nice play in which I supported my player, who batted the ball back while in the air into my hands ... took a few steps forward, drew a defender towards me and then made a nice pass out to a centre ... bing, bing, bing ... we score on the side. W00t!

Anyways, after the game, I was moving rather slowly. Lots of scrummages against two of the fattest, less fit props I've had to hit this season. Seriously, we were about equal in the set pieces except after a while I was getting the better of the first as I wasn't tired ... then the second larger prop came on and really didn't know what he was doing. Not really. But he was fresh and so we were about equal. But in open play, man, I was outdistancing them by a long shot. Fitness makes for better players ... and a better time on the field.

Sunday was really really slow. I wasn't hungover, I was really sore. Lots of stretching and cleaning. I saw that I needed to clean up the garage Monday. I started with this:

and .... finished with this:

and I watched the highlights of the World Cup Final Sunday morning ... I'm happy that New Zealand beat France. I'll download the game and watch it later.


Saturday, October 22, 2011

Friday Oct 21

Im doing this post under duress ... Im on my iPad, after updating it to iOS 5, and i installed the Blogger app, too. So far, so good.

Today was aweird one... no morning training, early to work and waaaaay too much free coffee

Ah well, tomorrow is rugby

Last thing: couldn't do the Trek or Treat run, no way of paying for it. Kinda sad, really.

Friday, October 21, 2011


Thursday is a training day - rugby training that is...

I got up in time to finish off a pain in the butt project for work, and I got it done. I didn't work out in the morning, as I knew that I had rugby in the evening. Meh, whatever.

I ate this:

Breakfast: belt and coffee on the way in to work

Lunch: tuna sandwich and a slice of pizza - not the greatest, I know.

Snack: water, water and water

Dinner: steak wrap - tomato, steak, salad and hot peppers in a wrap. Awsome.

After training snack: chili wrap, with hot sauce. Yummy, but I'll pay for it tomorrow. With beer.

Rugby training was inside a dome on turf. Man, every time I touched the ball, something bad happened. Just brutal. Seems I'll be starting on Saturday, though. Dunno, they haven't done the selections yet.

Wednesday Oct 19

Ok, got to get this down before it pops out of my head

I did four rounds of this before my left knee started to crunch. Probably a good idea to shut it down for the day:

6-8 dead lifts of the tire, with extra weight inside it.
10 TRX Body rows
20 feet up push ups
20 KB two handed swings (53 lb KB used)
20 knee tucks on the bench press
10 bicep curls
10 triceps extensions (40 lbs used for both)
20 lunges with 25 lbs overhead
wall assisted hand stand holds for 30 seconds

Just after the last set of lunges, my left knee told me to stop. So, I finished the round -no weight bearing exercises after that - and called it a day.

I ate this:

Breakfast: eggs and bacon, coffee

Snack: water

Lunch: tuna sandwich, water

Dinner: pasta and water to drink.

Then went off to night school.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Tuesday Oct 18

OK, so today is a day that is just a hard one to keep up with - really an up and down day. It starts with an alarm clock that didn't go off, as I forgot to set it - really ... who does that?

I get my kids up, and the one that usually gives me the most grief about getting out of bed, rushes downstairs and gets breakfast ready, dresses and waits for me by the door. My youngest slept in ... my wife got up and decides to spend her time opening mail .... in which she finds a 600 check for me. So ... I guess my mortgage won't bounce this week... which is a very good thing, man.

I tried to do the online registration for the Trek or Treat night running race, but the credit cards are all maxed out and they're pissed at me. So ... money gets in my way, again...

I ate this today:

Breakfast at Tim Horton's, as I waited for the bank to open

Lunch: tuna sandwich

Dinner chicken with veggies and rice. Beer to drink. Kinda nice to be able to eat with the family.

Picture is not related

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Monday Oct 17

While on my run last night and again this morning, I just know that I have to get somewhere to roll this winter. And fast.

And so, I go though my links and find the BreakingPoint MMA link and contact them for a quick tour tonight before I pick up my girls, then head off for night school. Could be interesting...

In any case, I did a light workout this morning, as I am still feeling Saturday's game and Sunday's run:

light KB warm up - like 5 minutes, easily then four rounds of:

20 two handed KB swings
20 seated knees to chest
10 KB snatches
10 Superman planks (20 second holds)

at the end, I was sweaty, which is what I wanted. My hip extensors muscles are still hurting, and I just wanted them working. I had to be off my feet for most of the day, for which I was eternally grateful...

Breakfast: tomato and bacon sandwich, coffee to drink

Snack coffee and water to drink

Lunch tuna sandwich and more water

Dinner: Ham with rice and water to drink. Three small M&M cookies for dessert.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Well, again ... hmm ... not making the time to write my posts. How frustrating is THAT/ I'm getting the work done, though.

Friday I was stretching and rolling in the basement, trying to get my legs working. After I got the kids to bed, I went for a short run.

Saturday, of course, is a rugby day. I played the full game - started at hooker, then went to tight head, then to loose head. Yup, I can play all three front row positions. The awesome thing was that they really didn't have a front row. They had guys who knew to do the basics... and no push behind them. It was a long day, though. Cold, and rainy and generally crappy conditions. Won the game and a pint, though.

Sunday was a long day, too. Up early to watch the New Zealand QF game. I thought it was a pretty damn good game, though. Lots of Kiwis on facebook couldn't stand the fact that I kept pointing out to them that an Australian based team won the Super 15 this year. Meh, whatever. Lots of tight muscles, man. I hurt all over... lots of stretching and I took a nice warm bath.

Went for a 4k run after the kids were in bed, too. I think that was overdoing it, but I did it anyways.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Thurs oct 13

OK, I'm still getting back at it. I dropped by the Tapout Burlington place on my way home ... deciding to take some action... and there was no one in the office ready to take my money. I did get a quick tour of the place.... which hasn't changed much since I did the tour in August. The gentleman I was speaking with told me he was hoping for a mid-December opening...

Mid December. Yup. I'm not sure what they are doing there, but the announced this places' opening in March or February. Seriously, there isn't much building going on. I'm going to call after noon today to actually try and speak to someone. If not, I'm going to move on. I need to roll in October and November. Just no sure when that might fit into a schedule.

I ate this:

Breakfast: roast beef ans scrambled eggs. Water to drink, coffee on the way in.

Lunch: tuna sandwich. Water to drink

Dinner: a beef wellington of sorts. Pastry with two types of meat, and cheese baked in the over. It was pretty good. Veggies and salad. Water to drink.

I was going to work out int he morning, but was caught by my son, so I played instead of working out. After dinner, I took my daughter to her choir practice and then went to my own rugby training. I did this for three rounds after the training session:

10 BW squats
10 regular push ups
30 second planks

We're still playing, which is awesome. Next game is on Saturday and I will be subbing, much to my chagrin.

Ah well, on with Friday.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Wed Oct 12

Back at it today. I woke up a little late and got a 4km run completed in just over 20 minutes. I got home, did some KB snatch sets to get ready for Novembers Snatch competition. That, and I was just looking to get back into the gym.

I ate this:

Breakfast: roast beef and eggs, apple cider to drink. Coffee on the way in.

Lunch Tuna sandwich, veggies. Water to drink.

Dinner: left over turkey, stuffing and rice. Water

After work I had two glasses of red wine before going to bed. I also downloaded a bunch of material that I am now just getting to. Lots of Turbulance Training for fat loss and other stuff. Looks good.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Thursday Oct 6 to Tuesday Oct 11

What a waste of time. I'm just going to point out two salient facts:

!) I injured myself by not warming up. I'm still in some pain, but, life goes on.

2) Thanksgiving is a useless holiday, and unlike most other useless holidays, this one felt like crap.

That is all.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Friday, Saturday, Sunday Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

OK, so I'm catching up, finally with this blog.

Friday I got a phone call from home, just before lunch. Seems my youngest hit my wife in the eye with something and it split something inside. Not a good way to start off the weekend. I spoke to the boss, who let me leave to care for my family. I got the two of them into the van, to the hospital and then home for a rest. After that it was my time to take care of, well, almost everything.

Saturday, normally a rugby day, was spent caring for my family. They needed me waaaaay more than my rugby team did. Meh, whatever. I did some light body weight stuff in my garage during the day.

Sunday I got a more of the same, except that I took the day off of training, getting some long walks in with my two smaller children. We also looked at Hallowe'en costumes.

Monday I was back at it, sort of. Did this five rounds:

30 swings
20 push ups
15 sitting knees to chest
5 chin ups
20 BW squats

Tuesday was a recovery and cleaning day - my relatives are coming over this coming Monday and I was needed to move furniture and clean. Ugh.

Wednesday... ah, finally we are caught up.

This morning did this five rounds:

30 KB swings
20 push ups
15 sitting knees to chest
20 BW squats
10 lying side arches with a KB on my chest

I really wasn't feeling it this morning, but I got something down, as I needed to get something done. I'm getting a little tired of a lot of stuff - and it's only October...