Monday, October 17, 2011

Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Well, again ... hmm ... not making the time to write my posts. How frustrating is THAT/ I'm getting the work done, though.

Friday I was stretching and rolling in the basement, trying to get my legs working. After I got the kids to bed, I went for a short run.

Saturday, of course, is a rugby day. I played the full game - started at hooker, then went to tight head, then to loose head. Yup, I can play all three front row positions. The awesome thing was that they really didn't have a front row. They had guys who knew to do the basics... and no push behind them. It was a long day, though. Cold, and rainy and generally crappy conditions. Won the game and a pint, though.

Sunday was a long day, too. Up early to watch the New Zealand QF game. I thought it was a pretty damn good game, though. Lots of Kiwis on facebook couldn't stand the fact that I kept pointing out to them that an Australian based team won the Super 15 this year. Meh, whatever. Lots of tight muscles, man. I hurt all over... lots of stretching and I took a nice warm bath.

Went for a 4k run after the kids were in bed, too. I think that was overdoing it, but I did it anyways.

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