Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Tuesday Oct 18

OK, so today is a day that is just a hard one to keep up with - really an up and down day. It starts with an alarm clock that didn't go off, as I forgot to set it - really ... who does that?

I get my kids up, and the one that usually gives me the most grief about getting out of bed, rushes downstairs and gets breakfast ready, dresses and waits for me by the door. My youngest slept in ... my wife got up and decides to spend her time opening mail .... in which she finds a 600 check for me. So ... I guess my mortgage won't bounce this week... which is a very good thing, man.

I tried to do the online registration for the Trek or Treat night running race, but the credit cards are all maxed out and they're pissed at me. So ... money gets in my way, again...

I ate this today:

Breakfast at Tim Horton's, as I waited for the bank to open

Lunch: tuna sandwich

Dinner chicken with veggies and rice. Beer to drink. Kinda nice to be able to eat with the family.

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