Monday, October 31, 2011

Thursday, Friday and Saturday and Sunday Oct 27 to 30

Well, sorry about that. Life just keeps getting in the way.

Ah well, here we go:

Thursday was an off day; off, as in I didn't train in the morning as I knew I was going to rugby training at night. The evening training session was the last one for the year and it went quite well. A lot ... I mean A LOT of stretching afterwards. I've been selected to start in the finals on Saturday.

Friday was a stretching and prep day. I did get into the gym today - but did nothing but stretch, with a focus on rolling my legs and neck.

Saturday is a rugby day:

They were a bitter team - there was a lot of niggling stuff around the rucks and mauls - lots of bitter crap from both sides. The final play had one of our players (not me) run from about 15 feet away and punch on of their players just below the eye. In the after game handshake, there was a nice big mouse showing up. Lots of that crap the whole game. I can honestly say I thought I did my regular job - set piece - and got around the pitch rather well. I felt pretty sure that I beat my man. The confirmation of that was when I got moved to hooker, the guy coming in told me that the guy I'd just finished pummelling was "toast". That is to say, I left nothing for my teammate to do but finish wiping the floor with my man.

After the game, however, I managed to leave my cleats, my nice shirt and a Canada hoodie in the change room. Yeah, I was in a rush to get home for my wife's birthday.

Sunday ... well Sunday I kept my head low and got things done. In the end I did do a 4 kilometer run. It was nice and slow, just to try and get the kinks out and to say that Wrestling season has started. On to 210!

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