Friday, October 14, 2011

Thurs oct 13

OK, I'm still getting back at it. I dropped by the Tapout Burlington place on my way home ... deciding to take some action... and there was no one in the office ready to take my money. I did get a quick tour of the place.... which hasn't changed much since I did the tour in August. The gentleman I was speaking with told me he was hoping for a mid-December opening...

Mid December. Yup. I'm not sure what they are doing there, but the announced this places' opening in March or February. Seriously, there isn't much building going on. I'm going to call after noon today to actually try and speak to someone. If not, I'm going to move on. I need to roll in October and November. Just no sure when that might fit into a schedule.

I ate this:

Breakfast: roast beef ans scrambled eggs. Water to drink, coffee on the way in.

Lunch: tuna sandwich. Water to drink

Dinner: a beef wellington of sorts. Pastry with two types of meat, and cheese baked in the over. It was pretty good. Veggies and salad. Water to drink.

I was going to work out int he morning, but was caught by my son, so I played instead of working out. After dinner, I took my daughter to her choir practice and then went to my own rugby training. I did this for three rounds after the training session:

10 BW squats
10 regular push ups
30 second planks

We're still playing, which is awesome. Next game is on Saturday and I will be subbing, much to my chagrin.

Ah well, on with Friday.

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