Monday, October 24, 2011

Sat and Sunday

Saturday is ... a rugby day. Started at loose head prop and stayed there all game. Scrummaging was weird on that side...

a pic of a team mate, the lousy pitch and the weather. Seriously, that was a crappy pitch to play on... lots of seagulls overhead, so literally crappy. And people on my team kept peeing on the pitch, which I found rather odd.

Played the full game and got a few touches of the ball and stole it in open play, too. Made a few nice tackles around the rucks and a really nice play in which I supported my player, who batted the ball back while in the air into my hands ... took a few steps forward, drew a defender towards me and then made a nice pass out to a centre ... bing, bing, bing ... we score on the side. W00t!

Anyways, after the game, I was moving rather slowly. Lots of scrummages against two of the fattest, less fit props I've had to hit this season. Seriously, we were about equal in the set pieces except after a while I was getting the better of the first as I wasn't tired ... then the second larger prop came on and really didn't know what he was doing. Not really. But he was fresh and so we were about equal. But in open play, man, I was outdistancing them by a long shot. Fitness makes for better players ... and a better time on the field.

Sunday was really really slow. I wasn't hungover, I was really sore. Lots of stretching and cleaning. I saw that I needed to clean up the garage Monday. I started with this:

and .... finished with this:

and I watched the highlights of the World Cup Final Sunday morning ... I'm happy that New Zealand beat France. I'll download the game and watch it later.


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