Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Monday Oct 17

While on my run last night and again this morning, I just know that I have to get somewhere to roll this winter. And fast.

And so, I go though my links and find the BreakingPoint MMA link and contact them for a quick tour tonight before I pick up my girls, then head off for night school. Could be interesting...

In any case, I did a light workout this morning, as I am still feeling Saturday's game and Sunday's run:

light KB warm up - like 5 minutes, easily then four rounds of:

20 two handed KB swings
20 seated knees to chest
10 KB snatches
10 Superman planks (20 second holds)

at the end, I was sweaty, which is what I wanted. My hip extensors muscles are still hurting, and I just wanted them working. I had to be off my feet for most of the day, for which I was eternally grateful...

Breakfast: tomato and bacon sandwich, coffee to drink

Snack coffee and water to drink

Lunch tuna sandwich and more water

Dinner: Ham with rice and water to drink. Three small M&M cookies for dessert.

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