Monday, May 14, 2012

Thursday to Monday May 14

These days are now a blur to me. I know there was a lot of stressful crap that paraded it's way through my life. I tried ot get it done before I left work on Friday, but it just didn't happen. So, as opposed to having a stress free weekend, I had crap hanging over me.

I got to rugby training on Thursday and did the sprinting workout afterwards.

I got no workout in on Friday, as I was just overcome with crap.

Saturday I played rugby and got a wicked "Zinger" just after half. Blue won. Woot.

Sunday I felt like crap and started to feel worse by the end of it. Stretching didn't really help. Too much crap.

And that is never fun.

Then I got sick enough to call in sick on Monday. Again, had to get crap done over teh interwebs. Which is always crap.

At least tomorrow, I get to go back to training before work. I've made it back to where I'm living.

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