Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Thursday, Friday and Saturday Jan 17

Thursday was horrible. I did get a walk in later on in the day when the food poisoning I think I had worked it's way through my life.

Friday was like ...  a new day. I didn't feel great, money is tight and I had to take my kids to swimming. Instead of sitting on the benches and getting fatter. I can't say I ran a sub 3 hour marathon, but I loved a lot faster than the people in the waiting room did. I think in the end I did a 2k walk. Fabulous.

As I was feeling better on Saturday, I got my weighted vest out and planned on doing a long walk around my total neighbourhood. In the end, I started to jog. I did run the distance between two lamp posts, then walk for one, then jog for one ... I believe the people in the know call those "intervals". The weighted vest made it hard. My legs needed a stretch after. All told that was a 7k adventure.

I was bored later on Saturday evening and went for an unweighted walk for 3 more kilometers.

This is totally what my Saturday interval training looked like

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