Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Friday, Saturday and Sunday Jan 25

Friday was another unreal day at work. Sort of wild, but sort of just plain old fashioned weird. I had to wait and delay my training until very late. I did get a 4k walk in, though. Nice to be training that late, but it does make it harder to fall asleep right away.

Saturday was another hurry up and wait day. I did get a walk in, a 5k walk as a matter of fact, but I had to wait until everyone was in bed to make it happen.

Sunday was a double workout day ... 4.5 k in the after noon and then 5k in the evening. I jsut had to get the week off to a bang, so to speak. I can't say I'm solving a lot of world issues, but at least I'm getting myself to be able to deal with the stress going on around me.

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