Thursday, February 5, 2015

Monday, Tuesday .... until Feb 5

Keep a daily blog they said ... it will be easy they said ...

I want to kick myself as an apology to my faithful readers for not keeping this blog up to date. It's just rude and I'm sorry. Work and family life is just not letting me get to this. In the end, yes, I'm catching up on my writing, but I jsut need to make sure I keep moving forward.

I keep walking, sometimes running, in my neighbourhood. Sunday and Monday ...well ... recent days have brought a lot of snow to my part of the world. I did get walks in on every day to keep my streak alive. I do need to start thinking about lifting and not just moving.

I did do a stretching / physiotherapy session the other day that was just unreal. I did the session and my hip stopped hurting while I walked/ran that night. It also let me sleep without any messing about, too. I'm up for the same type of session next Tuesday, but I know that keeping myself rolling and active is the key to the whole thing.

To that end, I did this kettlebell workout today:

20 kb cleans
20 kb snatches
10 kb curls

After a 20 minute run.

Yeah, I'm cool. my mom says so.

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