Thursday, February 26, 2015

Sunday, Monday and Tuesday Feb 24

Sunday was finally warm enough and clear enough to get a run done. I did a nice 4k run in 27 minutes. It was a nice run, finally. Kept myself out of trouble with this one, but my knee and hamstring started to bug me a bit.

Lots of stretching after, man. Lots.

In any case Monday ... Monday I was stretching a lot too.

I also got some help with that, man. It was awesome. I did get a short run in in order to keep the streak alive for Smashrun. It's a bare pass but at least I'm passing. I'm disappointed in just how cold it's been at the moment.

Tuesday ... it was a brutally cold night ... my entire entry on Smashrun about the walk is "Snowy icy crap walk". Yeah, that sums it up quite nicely.

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