Friday, August 22, 2014

Wednesday and Thursday Aug 21

Wednesday was a wild day. I slept on the floor at my buddy's house and had a lot of sore everythings. I got home and rolled and had to keep myself busy ... lots of advil and water during the day. I did take my kids to the beach, but then it rained and the oldest thought it would be funny ot throw sand at me.

I did get some light kettlebell work done in the evening, nothing significant, just mobility stuff. I tried ot get into a few windmill positions. I'm still not doing well on those. More rolling though

Thursday was a training day. I had to get to funeral during the day and had to drive my kids to my parents place for the day. Which means, of course, lots of driving. In any case, I got to rugby training on time and had a decent warm up. I got selected to play first XV this weekend. This is the game for all the marbles running through my head.

All of them.

after training, I got attacked by mosquitos, and so only got this done for two rounds:

20 kettlebell cleans
20 kb snatches
20 bw squats

I tried to roll, and I had intended to work on my lineout throws, but the bugs were just too much for me.

After I got some rolling done inside the clubhouse and got my ice baths done, too.

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