Monday, August 4, 2014

Friday and Sat Aug 2

Friday was a recovery day - stretching and rolling in the morning. In the afternoon I was in for a physio appointment. I've discovered that getting someone stripping my ITB band isn't a lot of fun.

Meh - needs to be done.

Saturday I got this done with a cool training partner
not the best form, but still...

First, three rounds of this done as a superset

6-8 squats with like 90 lbs on the bar.
8-10 overhead presses with the same bar
15 bench flies with 40 lb dbs

then four rounds of
20 kb snatches - used the 16 kilo bell throughout
20 step ups onto a 16 inch step

the five rounds of
15 seated knee tucks
10 kb rows 
15 bicep curls

After that I had to go and be a dad in a pool for the afternoon.

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