Sunday, August 31, 2014

Saturday Aug 30

Ok, this was a wild one.

Kinda like my "Fire Drill" workout, I had to carry stuff from the dock up a rather steep hill to the garage at the cottage. It's not nearly as easy as it sounds, as it is about 150m trip one way, but also up a rather steep gradient.

I had eight trips up and down with various beach tools. Chairs, tables, 3 person inflatable toys and a full on 200 lb canoe. At the end of that I had to move a twelve foot trampoline into the garage as well. I knew I wanted to get away as early as possible, and so I got this particular exercise going at 6:45am. I got it done and was on the road by 9:30. I was driving, of course, and ... I was hurting.

After we got home and I got a shower, I took my kids on an adventure ... to find french fries and a pint.

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