Sunday, December 22, 2013

Friday, Sat and Sunday Dec 22

Friday was ... really sore. I needed a recovery day and I took it. I got a chance to reconnect with my kids, taking them shopping for Christmas and just hanging out with them.

Saturday was more of the same, but I got to get a heavy bag session in at my house. I squeezed the same session in on Sunday, too.

2 minutes of hitting the bag
1 minute of 50 lb kettlebell swings or cleans.

On Sunday I had a training partner in the garage with me, or I had one until he fell on his nose and went away crying. However, it was still pretty cool to take my other two children through a training session, too. Their coaches emailed me a workout program for both. Kinda nice to be training with them.

I also saw the location and date for the 2015 Senior National GR Wrestling Championships. It's making my everything itch. This time it's before the ladder for the Olympic Trials for Rio, so there might be a lot more people taking it seriously this time around. Or not. It's Greco after all.

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