Monday, September 2, 2013

Aug 20-Aug 31

Yeah, one or two training sessions were held - nothing dramatic, nothing awesome ... with the usual sprints at the end, if possible.

One or two workouts in this time frame, too. Again, nothing out of the ordinary, nothing out of the blue...

I was active, however. I did have to help lift crap out of the water, up a hill and into a cottage, reset my garage gym to the other side of the garage, I had to move other stuff around my house, setting up for the school year. I had to go into work ... and chase a two year old boy around, too.

Above all, I had lots of time to plan and dread the first day back at work.

I did set goals for the year, I'm thinking I post them here somewhere to keep them in mind for my training. I've got them on the desktop of my laptop. They should be handy at all times.

I got myself ready, I just didn't see the need to bore the crap out of my readers with little to report.

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